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A minor error in medical transcription can cost a healthcare practice a fortune or even a possible lawsuit in case the documentation is severely flawed which is why outsourcing a medical transcription service from a credible billing and coding company like Medphine is a preferred choice by all healthcare providers. Not only this ensures accuracy in the documentation but also saves time and money of the practice, which can be best utilized in providing quality service to the patient.

Wondering how vital medical transcription could be that it needs to be outsourced when it can be done with just the same diligence by the in-house team?

Do you think that a consultation session and the follow-ups are just you sharing your plight with the doctor, doctors listening and prescribing appropriate medicine?

Have you ever given this a thought that whether or not every prescription, recommendation adhere to the standards laid down by the national authority such as HIPAA or not?

Well, ensuring all the records from medical history, present medical condition, tests reports, diagnosis, prescribed medicine are kept in a manner compliant to the HIPAA standards is the job of a medical transcriptionist.



  • Medical transcription is a well-kept record as per the HIPAA format from which anybody from the healthcare facility be it, physician, staff or pharmacy will have the ease to comprehend the details they need for further processing. The details need to be accurate to ensure smooth communication between various medical departments.


  • Aside from smooth processing throughout the facility, accuracy and HIPAA compliance of the medical records is necessary to claim reimbursements from the insurance company. The healthcare insurance carriers pay for the treatment and healthcare providers are paid by the insurance company accordingly, as long as these records are accurate and compliant to the standards.


  • Also, it is worth mentioning that you do not get treatment throughout your life from a single doctor or medical practice. The medical transcription of the records helps in the smooth flow of information from one doctor to another so that the treatment can be provided to the patient as quickly as possible without them having to go through the same medical proceeding at every hospital.


  • And in case, you didn’t already know every healthcare facility is required to maintain these records to avoid any legal conflict in the future.


Whether you run a clinic or operate a multi-specialty healthcare facility, accuracy of a medical transcription should never be overlooked. A slight miscalculation or ignorance can pose a severe threat to the organization, with the medical practitioners losing their practicing license, in adverse cases.

Let us have a look at some of the common medical transcription fallacies that can prove fatal to the patient and the medical practice:


Since a medical transcriptionist document a recorded session of the consultation, it is essential to make sure that the device is set correctly. An improper setting can distort the recording which will reflect in the documentation as an error.


When writing the voice notes, medical transcriptionists often end up making minor yet impactful language mistakes such as unable to differentiate between homophones, spelling wrong words, missing grammar characters. These small mistakes in putting down patient’s information can lead to misdiagnosis or delay in the treatment.  


A slight increase or decrease in BP, glucose sugar level, vital organ parameters can result in a different diagnosis, treatment. Variegated dialects and speech can result in the numeric mix-up. Which is why it is of critical importance to verify the numbers before putting it on the record. Transcribing wrong numerical value can also lead to error dosage error which can be detrimental for the patient’s health.


Having discussed mathematical errors, it is worth noting that they generally stem from mistakes made when recording the laboratory results. Which is why every abbreviation should be clarified, repeated and the dictation should be done slowly.


Medical transcribing is an intricate and time extensive process, which should only be handled by those holding significant expertise. Instead of burdening your in-house team with the workload and wasting their time, to have your medical record riddled with errors, outsourcing medical transcription would be a wise choice.

Why you ask?

By outsourcing, you can rest assured that your records are being managed by a team of professionals, who are well aware of the importance of every shred of the document being generated. Medphine transcription specialist and quality analysts will ensure 100 % accuracy, HIPAA Compliance and timely delivery of the reports.

Instead of stressing in-house to perform such difficult processes, why not outsource medical transcriptionist services from Medphine which will result in a reduction of labor and processing cost. Medphine will ensure searchability of the documents making information accessible across the facility from nurses to doctors to staff.

You can trust upon Medphine in providing comprehensive medical transcription ensuring, from prescribing to documenting to transcribing to dispensing to monitoring; all is accurate and consistent with the patient information provided to the doctors. Medphine’s transcribing team holds extensive experience in efficiently managing recording and documentation across various healthcare facilities. We assure absolute medical information security and shortest turnaround time.

Why waste time, money and efforts on going back and forth with the documents, when you can instead outsource and invest that in dispensing quality treatment to those in need?

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A doctor’s day is spent dealing with patients and the administrative responsibilities. Not only these responsibilities burn out the physicians very soon, but they also take away the attention of the doctor from their primary task which is to give attention and care to their patients. Taking care of both with great care is impossible. That is where an outsourced medical biller comes in handy.


You need a medical biller for the following reasons:

  1. You will get the expertise of a professional.
  2. There would be fewer denials, as a result, you will get paid faster.
  3. The cash flow will get regular as your billing partner will be working exclusively on your finances.
  4. You will cut cost, and you will receive improved efficiency from your team and yourself.

You can read about it in detail here.

Before bringing a medical biller on board, you need to take care of specific factors. It is a significant decision for your medical practice. Since handing over the finances to an outsourced party is not a natural process, you must keep your eyes open for certain red flags. Let us have a look at three factors that you need to avoid before hiring a medical biller:

Work comes. First, money comes next: Beware if someone is trying to sell their services in the name of low cost. Your primary motive of outsourcing your medical billing is to get expertise and ease in y9our business. Don’t get fooled in the name of money. If your billers are talking about their services, efficiency or the process, then they might be trying to con you by luring through money. Question about the process of shared information and everything else that would help you in a smooth transition.
Your Reputation is precious than money: You must have a billing and coding partner only after checking upon their previous work. For this matter, you can also ask them for the references of former physicians that they have worked with. Make sure that you have a contract with your billing company which has three crucial factors mentioned that is: indemnification, insurance, and termination. You must spend some money here and hire a lawyer to review all the contract clauses so that you don’t participate in any fraudulent activity.
Be careful about legal regulations: Usually, all the medical coding and billing needs heavily scrutinized regulation and coding rules. But it is not necessary that all the companies are following the directions. There are a lot of small medical billing companies that disregard the regulatory standpoint. You must ensure that the people working on your finances are not only certified but they also have knowledge about any ongoing changes in the coding system.

It will be a nightmare for any physician if you get a medical billing partner who is incompetent. You would like a person who doesn’t give you justification for the failure but the results. If you find any of the above written red flags in your medical biller, pay attention and take swift action.

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Medical practice revolves around the patient. If you can attract the patients through complete care and services, then you would be able to sustain in the market for a more extended period of time. There are many ways in which the digital platform comes in handy in order to attract patients. Most of the time you will get patients because of the reputation you have in the offline world.


A lot of patients come to the doctor at infrequent intervals. Also, there is no fixed amount that an individual spends in one visit. Just the way different kinds of diseases have varied treatment, the different value patients bring to the practice differ a lot. If you maintain your relationship with your high-value patients, you will have an opportunity to attract more such patients. Identifying such patients will get you a new height of success.

Communicate clearly

You should communicate with your patients clearly about their expectations and your services. Each patient needs a different treatment and care. If you communicate clearly, then you will be able to know the expectations of your patient. You will get a chance to explain how much time, cost and effort are required to cure one properly.

Maintain your online image

No matter what is your business, your online image will affect your revenues for sure. Keep your website updated. Give discounts to attract new and old patients. Make sure that all the information on your website and social media accounts is right. Take help of digital marketing to have a clean image online. No matter what is the source of your patients, if your online image is terrible, then it will affect your revenues.

Profile your patients

If you are looking for a high-value patient, then you must have a profile of a patient who can be valuable to your business. Your profile would include their age, sex, has medical insurance, income, and location. The circumstances that compel a patient to consider your practice is subjective, yet factors like having a family, stable income and satisfaction with your services will ensure that they recommend you and they will come back to you, over and over again.

Take review from patients

For maintaining your online image, you can use a lot of digital marketing tools. For this reason, you can also use review from your patients. Taking reviews from patients will help you in improving yourself and giving better care to the patients. It will also tell your patients that you are eager to serve them in the best way possible.

Develop the right process

If you want your patients to return to you, then you must develop the proper procedure so that your patient does not need to worry about coming to you. It basically means that you must have a simplified process right from the appointment until the end of the treatment and feedback. In fact, the follow up after the appointment is also a must if you want your patients to come back to you in future. Make things easier and let your patients know that you are doing it all for their convenience.

You can increase the profitability of your business if you understand what your patients want from you. Once you know what kind of patients will stay with you for a longer time, you will be able to attract more patients with a similar profile.

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There are so many startups and small private practitioners who handle their medical billing themselves. It might seem like an easier task for a small practice, but it can really affect the performance of the doctor. Administrative responsibilities have proved to be a burden on the doctor and diverted their attention from their responsibility towards their patients.

Why Do You Need To Outsource Your Medical Billing?
Your employees are loaded with different responsibilities

You have a small clinic, and naturally, each staff member is taking care of more than one task. It is good to be multitasking, but it can seriously affect the quality of work. When you are new in the business, you would want to maintain the quality more than anything else. So do not glorify multi-tasking in medical practice and outsource your medical billing so that you have clean finances and your employees can perform effectively.

You are losing too much money because of claim denials

Who do you think is responsible for your claim denials? It is you if you haven’t hired a professional coder and biller yet. Wrong coding and billing will lead to claim denials which will eventually cost you a lot of money. It is important that you pay attention from the beginning as in a lot of practice margins are meager. You would not like to experience a significant loss at the start of the business.

Your revenues are consistently decreasing

If your in-house finance team is not taking care of your revenues, then you are in trouble. The red flag for you should be the decreasing revenue. Since the reason behind it varies, it is not possible for a staff member to sort the issue entirely. An outsourced revenue cycle management team will help you to figure out the issue and combat the problem.

Advantages of outsourcing medical billing and coding


Outsourced medical billing will provide you professionals who have an expertise in medical billing. It means fewer mistakes and increased revenue in a shorter period of time.

Get Paid Faster

When your bills are sent out on time, and they have lesser or no mistakes, there are fewer chances of claim denials. In such a scenario you get your money faster.

Regular Cashflow

Outsourced medical billing partner works exclusively on your finances. They take every necessary step to ensure that you get paid on time. They ensure that all the claims are going out on time hence your cash flow is more regulated.

Cut Cost And Improve Efficiency

The in-house team takes care of more than one tasks which cost you money. If you hire an outsourced squad, then you will be spending less money, and the efficiency will be higher. Both the outsourced team and your in-house staff will be able to work efficiently.

Small practices usually suffer because medical billing companies do not want to work with small practices. So get a medical billing partner who is ready to work with you irrespective of the size of your business. Since most medical billers take a percentage of your profit as their incentive, it directly improves their performance. They try to give you as much profit as possible because of their own advantage.

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Coding and Billing are integral to the finances of medical practice. You require a specialist for the job because a minor mistake can cause you a huge setback.  The results of medical billing are not only essential for your reimbursement, but they also keep you updated about the shortcomings of your medical practice. You can mend those mistakes and keep your revenue growing. But how would you know that the billing and coding expert that you have is doing their job successfully?


Coder Must Be Certified

We can’t stress enough on the fact how important it is to have a certified coder for your practice.  Any biller and coder would know about the basic terminology, but only a certified medical coder will be able to ensure that all the medical coding that is in accord with medical coding laws and regulations. It will make the reimbursement convenient. A certified coder has effective communication skills, that would help in communicating about the rejected claims and the further procedure with the patients.

Coder Should Be Aware Of Changes In Regulations

A certified coder should be an expert in various laws and regulations of insurance and medical field. They need to have knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Access. This industry is rapidly changing. The medical coding and laws and regulations keep changing on a regular basis. A proficient coder has to be aware of all the changes in coding and certification. Coder has to be up to date to know all the revisions in coding and practice as per the industry standard.

Coder Should Know The Way Out Of A Problem

Coder’s responsibilities are significant as it impacts a lot of factors such as reimbursement, patient health data, etc. Coded data directly impacts the quality of patient care. Since there are so many codes included which also go through dynamic regulations, there are a lot of instances of mistakes. These mistakes can create serious problems for the organization. The medical billing and coding specialist bear the responsibility that they handle with these problems with ease. Medical biller and coders should maintain the quality of Electronic Health Records (EHR). It is their experience and knowledge that gets the organization out of the problem.

Coder Must Keep Abreast Of Insurance Payer Contracts

A significant part of Coder’s responsibilities is to understand and deal with various insurance payer contracts that come in their way on a daily basis. Coders have to be careful about the medical billing and coding in order to get paid by insurance companies. It also makes a lot of other reimbursement related things clear such as denied claims, rejected claims or a treatment that cost more than usual.

Medical coders take care of the quality and transparency of finances in the medical organization. They ensure that the hospital gets reimbursed on time with proper payment. Modern technology provides easy access to information which is highly useful for coders to be accurate and effective, and practice management software also plays a major role in it. Modern Cloud-based EHR systems like eClinicalWorks offers state-of-the-art technology, and it’s the latest version V11 comes with industries first virtual assistance EVA thus improving its ability to multitask and retrieve information, helping clinicians and back office teams to be more effective and agile.

It’s unlikely for you to settle for an average performing team and we believe that above-written traits combined with right kind of technological interventions and tools would definitely make a positive impact, and provide you the kind of financial boost that’s vital for every successful business.

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As the number of medical malpractice rises in the country, it is important for practitioners to look for a permanent solution to end this crisis. Practitioners are sued by patients for malpractice lawsuit at least once in their career, and they suffer its effect for years. If you see that you are getting a little too many complaints from your patients or there has been a malpractice lawsuit, then you need to pay attention to how much your patients are satisfied with your service.


It is essential for all physicians to avoid malpractice suit at all cost. If you increase your patient satisfaction, you have an excellent opportunity to lessen the risk of getting sued by your patients. One thing that you can do is to ask your patients to give you reviews. You will be able to predict their behavior and your performance which will help you be prepared to deal with any future risk.

There are some practices you should start with your medical organization to understand how satisfied your patients are:

  1. Online reviews:

    You must always ask your patients for their reviews once they have visited your hospital. You might be a good physician but is your front-desk staff equally efficient? Is your finance team looking after the medical billing and coding in the right manner? That is why an honest and unbiased review will give you an insight into your business, and you will know where to improve.

  2. Ask for suggestions:

    You can always ask your patients for recommendations so that you can improve your service. You will know the areas that you should improve in order to provide better patient satisfaction. Their suggestions will give you a better insight in coming up with a strategy to improve your patient satisfaction.

Now, the essential factor is to improve your patient satisfaction through better service. You can make some fundamental changes in your office procedure to give a better experience to your patients.

Efficient front desk services

Right from booking an appointment for the delivery of reports and the follow-up adds up to the satisfaction of the patient. If you want your patient to be happy with your services, then think about improving your front desk services. These tips will help in a better call handling and train your staff for the same.

Create a pleasant ambiance in your hospital

Patients are coming to you with hope. Your hospital should talk about the promises and hope for a better future that you are targeting to provide to your patients. Create a vibrant, happy ambiance in your office with greenery and positive vibes. Train your staff to be polite and kind to the patients in an unconditional manner. Offer your patients as many services as you can.

Train your staff for clear communication

Dealing with people in a place where everybody arrives with one or the other problem, can be a tricky affair. You must have a staff that knows how to communicate clearly. They should ask as many questions as needed to avoid any confusion. All the reports should be maintained for the billing in an advance way before the patient arrives for the appointment with the physician.

Deal with the patient empathy

Many times, Physicians get too caught up daily managing routine and administrative services. They should get an RCM company to tackle their medical billing and coding. Then the only physician can give right care to the patient hence increasing patient satisfaction. Doctors should listen to the patient carefully and answer all their queries.

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The service in the hospital leaves a big impression on the patients. They are looking for a pleasant experience. Treat your practice as a business to realize that your patients are nothing but a customer for you. You need to give the best customer experience so that they come back to you again or may even refer you to their friends and family. You always need to put some extra effort to make sure that each and every patient (and their family) that visits you are satisfied with your service.


The one thing that makes your patient keep you as their doctor is how much they are satisfied with your service. Satisfied patients are not only the ones who got proper treatment, but it also includes the smooth sailing from booking the appointment till the follow up after the procedure. Anything that makes their visit pleasant, works in your favor.

There arises a question that why are we paying so much attention to a good experience for the patient? It is an age of the internet, where patients can give reviews, leave comments and share views on their own profile. Imagine a scenario where an unsatisfied patient talks about you on the internet and leaves terrible reviews. Can you imagine how much damage would it do to your practice? Even such experiences are shared by word of mouth, very soon there will be a considerable fall in your revenues. That is why we are putting so much emphasis on good patient experience. Now let us move and look at some ways that will make your patients happy and satisfied:

Smooth front-desk experience

To be honest, we all hate the hassle that we experience at the front desk. No one wants to spend hours on the phone just to book an appointment. Or even worse, when you have to deal with a rude attendant on the front desk. Are you backing off your patients on the very first experience? Learn to improve patient experience by efficient call handling.

Treat them right

Your patients are already going through a hard time. Their families are also suffering along with the patient. Be kind and gentle while handling your patients. Respect their privacy. Your patient must feel like they are your priority and you can empathize with them.

Listen to them

This is a mistake that a lot of practitioners make. They are so occupied with the busy schedules that they start taking the patient for granted. Do not make this mistake. No matter how insignificant it is, listen to your patients carefully. Answer all their queries no matter how futile they seem. Your job is to assure them that they are going to be healthy again.

Offer support

You know what a patient is going through. Make some extra effort and go out of your way to help your patient out. It can be as simple as offering them a discount or recommending another doctor for a check-up. Every effort that you make for your patient counts, and it goes a long way.  Offer support even when the treatment of over.

Keep your promises

Your patients will take you seriously only when you let them do that. Do not ruin your reputation by not keeping up your promises. Assist them whenever there is a need. You need to build trust with your patients in order to make them feel like they in safe hands.

Your patients are like your partners. Treat them like a valued partner so that they keep choosing you in future also. Treat them with loving kindness and provide the maximum assistance.

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People at the front desk make an impact on every person that calls you. This fact becomes even more critical when you are in the healthcare industry. A friendly and cordial service will improve patient experience and patient satisfaction. Not only that, but it also affects the HCAHPS score as well.


Politeness, providing on-call facilities and speed of redressal are some of the factors which help in building the rapport of the provider among the patients. In a case of emergency, it is the swiftness of handling administrative duties that make a significant difference for the devastated person and his/her family.

When someone calls you on the phone, they are looking for immediate resolution and not hours of waiting on the call. It can only be done when the front-office personnel is handling calls efficiently.

What Is Call Handling?

Call handling is the management of telephone calls. It includes politely greeting the caller, listening to their request/ problem, processing the request/ offering the solution, booking the appointment and finally asking the caller for any further help before saying the goodbye. A call would be efficient if the request/ problem is resolved quickly. The whole purpose of having a front office staff is to provide ultimate care to your patients, and that is what they are supposed to do: give help to the patients. It should be done in such a way that the relationship between patient and providers gets stronger.

Why Is It So Important?

The phone call is the first impression that a patient or the family gets from you. In a way, it sets the tone for the rest of the experience. If one doesn’t have a pleasant experience while enquiring on the call, do you think they would like to visit that doctor? Similarly, a good call experience decides the brand image of the provider as well.

In healthcare, the caller is looking for empathy, assurance, and confidence from the front-desk. He/she should feel that they are in good hands.

When you hire your front-desk staff, you need to recruit candidates observing their politeness, knowledge, and eagerness to serve. You need to train them so that they can handle the calls professionally. Alternatively, you can outsource front desk support service so that one gets to hear warm and welcoming tone everytime they call to your office.

Call Handling Mistakes That Might Be Driving Away Your Customers

It is a time where customer experience and customer service has become as important as the sales in a company. A bad experience can turn into a negative comment on the internet, and it will only make the matter worse for you and your service. Some call handling mistakes should be avoided to provide an efficient patient experience:

  1. Do not confuse the patient with unnecessary information and too many options. Be to the point and handle to issue/ request in a precise manner.
  2. IVR is not for a hospital where people are waiting for redressal. They are looking for immediate action. Putting the call on IVR seems inconsiderate and impolite.
  3. Do not prolong the call unnecessarily by asking them to repeat themselves. It is rude and annoying. Also, respect the privacy of the patient. Do not ask for anything which they might not be comfortable with.
  4. Ask your patients for feedback. This is the most organic way of getting to know your problem areas and working towards them.

Inexperience in handling the call can be a major turn off for the patients/callers. A well-spoken person, who follows the phone etiquette and is trained enough to provide solutions at once is something that is admirable in front-desk personnel.

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Mobile Healthcare Tools That Can Improve Patient Experience

Healthcare industry is always advancing towards prioritizing patient comfort and making things easier for the patient’s family. With enhanced ease in operating and scheduling daily tasks through a tap on the mobile screen, why should healthcare lag behind? A recent survey has found out that mobile healthcare tools are becoming increasingly popular in hospitals and they are having a positive impact on patient care.

Mobile Healthcare Tools That Can Improve Patient Experience

Automation in healthcare through advanced mobile healthcare tools can help tackle all the hassles related to billing and insurance. Let us learn how mobile tools are helping us improve and enhance the patient experience:

Easy Navigation of Healthcare Services

Patient experience includes everything from booking the appointment, hassle-free navigation to the diagnosis and prescription. If the patient goes through these steps without facing issues, it counts as an achievement. A mobile application will provide ease for patients. They can book their appointment online, which can be canceled/ rescheduled without any issues. An application can also provide navigation and other details about the hospital and its facilities.

Access To Important Data

The patient should be engaged in their treatment. It makes them more responsive towards the cure. The more they understand the problem and diagnosis, the more they tend to comply with the medication and follow the instructions by the doctor.

Keeping all the reports and documents in an application makes them accessible anytime and anywhere.

Improved Transparency

In the age of technology and internet, we demand transparency in all the areas of life. As a patient, one would like to know how what and why of the treatment. From the space for an appointment to the breakdown of the bill, the patient should have every detail. The mobile application can have all these information in the data of the patient.

Instant Solutions

As a consistent user of smartphone and internet, we look for a digital experience in every area of life. Whether it is for shopping, traveling, or lifestyle. Similarly, when it comes to healthcare, the patient wants to experience the ease, comfort, and immediacy of the internet. An app can give immediate solutions, and it is a source of great satisfaction for patients.

A patient should get facilities that can make his/her life easier along with their family. Mobile applications bring a lot of facilities that make the entire process of health care convenient. It improves the patient experience and increases the chances of choosing the provider again, next time.

Providers can make their life easier by choosing Medphine as their medical billing outsource partner. Medphine takes care of all their financial woes so doctors can pay complete attention to their patients.

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