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Chiropractors/Physical Therapy

We understand your practice and specialty, which allows us to offer comprehensive Billing solutions that are tailor made for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy practices. Many Chiropractic physicians are opting for outsourcing their medical coding and billing requirements. But is very crucial to hire right billing company to get proper reimbursement for the services that you are delivering. Your coding and billing partner need to have experience in handling all types of complexities that come in getting paid.

Medphine helps you in understanding the billing aspect of your practice, and work with you hand-in-hand to ensure that each and every claim gets paid. We help you in having a thriving revenue cycle and peace of mind. We have a team of coders who are certified by AAPC or AHIMA and are experts in analysing your charts, and advice any changes that may be required. They ensure that we use correct modifiers and ICD-10 codes to get the claim paid.


Experts handling
Experts handling your reimbursement process.
experienced billers
Our experienced billers are capable of reviewing your coding and suggest what changes can lead to higher reimbursements.
 detailed benefit verification
A detailed benefit verification ensures that the provider is well aware about any limitation in terms of Chiropractic / PT visit limitations, if the patient can get a massage from a MT or a Chiropractor, what level of services are covered and how many visits are allowed per year.
Insurance verification
Insurance verification with a TAT of less than 2 hours during Office hours.
Chiropractors and Physical Therapists
We offer end to end solutions for Chiropractors and Physical Therapists with no transition period.
We can take over billing from day 1, as our billers are experienced on working on almost all the EMRs such as Chirotouch, Dr Chrono, Future Health, Eclipse, MediSoft and Office Ally.
generate claims out of the EHR
We generate claims out of the EHR, and submit them electronically after scrubbing.
rejections of worked
We ensure that rejections are worked within 24 hours.
We work well with providers who accept Medicare and ensure that claims sent to Medicare adhere to specific guidelines:
1. Use of AT modifier as and when required
2. Use of GY modifiers when billing secondary payers
3. Using Date of Initial Treatment
4. Educating provider about the different set of ICD codes that determines the number of visit allowed per year

Comprehensive Billing For Work Comp, MVA And Personal Injury Cases

Medphine have experienced billers to manage the work comp, mva and PI cases.

We generate and submit claims batch based of superbills and submit them along with the medical records to Claim adjustors or the Insurances.
We also facilitate attorneys or second / third party payers with ledgers containing information about payments from the first party.
We negotiate with attorneys to get the maximum reimbursement for our providers.
Our timely submission ensure that we get the maximum reimbursement for patients with Med-pay type insurances.
We Understand Your Speciality And Your Billing And Can Work With You To Ensure That You Have 100% Reimbursement On Your Claims!

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