Front Desk Support

“A warm tone greeting me when I call a doctor’s office for queries would definitely make my day!”
The front office staff of a medical facility is the first face patients see during a doctor’s appointmentor during an emergency visit. Workers in the front office are responsible to handle administrative duties.

Medphine realizes that staff at a doctor’s house or hospital might not be able to spare time for building rapport with a customer while attending calls. In the hustle bustle of patients, emergencies, paper work, one cannot be warm and welcoming, even if they wish to. But not to worry, we can do that for you.

Medphine offers a complete front desk support for health care providers that will encompass each and every task they want us to do. Executives at Medphine can help patients in confirming their appointments, updating their insurance details, rescheduling appointments, getting a new appointment, refilling medications, forwarding referrals or cancelling appointments.

How Medphine will do it?

As all our services are tailor made and customizable according to client’s request, we can do a variety of other tasks for Front Desk Support. All you need to do is redirect your incoming calls to us and relax.

Patient scheduling, insurance verification, maintaining patient appointments and answering patient’s questions on bills and payments and documentations are the areas which our team will take over reducing a chunk from the client’s burden. With the outsourcing to us, the front desk person is left with the responsibility of overseeing our team. With reduced flux at the front desk, client finds time to build customer rapport which translates into threshold for achievement of enhanced doctor-patient relationship and eventually generates more business for the doctor.

Reports have shown that patients feel great in visiting doctors or physicians who have a friendly staff to deal with. And always choose them as family physicians over others. So why loose a chance to increase your business or clientele, if it is just a call away?

Call Medphine today and know more about what we can do to increase and improve your business.