Medphine offers you specialty-specific revenue cycle management services. Our all-inclusive medical billing and coding support is designed to assure you an overall increase in your collections and at the same time enhance your practice’s efficiency. Our teams of experienced Billers, Certified Professional Coders (CPC) and Certified Coding specialist (CCS) hold expertise in different specialties and work with sheer dedication to uplift the performance of provider’s revenue cycle.

We believe in partnering with your practice and not Outsourcing. Our workflow and reporting structures are designed to empower the suppliers and physicians by giving them the control over their billing, and making them aware of their practice’s revenue. By keeping the providers in the loop with progress and collection reports, we try to establish a relationship not just with the provider but the entire in-house team so that the practice functions as a unit and not parts.

With our dedicated resource model, providers are given the opportunities to hire their own billing team with us and get free from the hustle of recruitment and training staffs ever again.

What do our services include?

Appointment Reminder : Medphine provides a broad range of medical billing services that aids a healthcare provider in improving the functioning of their overall revenue cycle as well as their customer service that is patients’ experience.[…]

Insurance Verification : A medical survey has shown that 6% insured individuals forget to renew their health insurance coverage annually and as a result, they have to pay for the services from their pocket that account for almost 30% of their annual insurance premium.[…] Read More

Super Bill and Charge Entry : Insurance companies state that 4 out of 10 denied claims of a provider are due to a clerical error![…] Read More

Medical Billing and Coding: Medphine has mastered the art of generating clear claims for the providers and accomplish the goal of getting paid through the first submission.[…] Read More

Account Receivables Follow Up: Medphine understands that account receivables form a crucial part of cash flow and requires rigorous follow-up to be kept under control[…]

Credit Balance Resolution : Medphine provides a full spectrum of services that cleans the credit backlog from the ageing report so that it reflects the exact profitability of the practice.[…] Read More

Payment Posting and ERA Management: Medphine offers Payment posting and Electronic Remittance handling services as a part of Revenue cycle management services and also as standalone services depending on client’s requirement.[…] Read More

Front Desk Support: The front office staff of a medical facility is the first face patients see during a doctor’s appointment or during an emergency visit.[…] Read More

Complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) : Medphine is a leading provider of revenue cycle processing and receivables management services.[…]
Medical Transcription Process: Medphine has deciphered the secret behind excellent transcription services and employed it to support hundreds of healthcare providers across USA.[…] Read More

Pharmacy Transcriptions and Billing: Pharmacy forms a vital part of the healthcare sector. The chief purpose of bringing the concept of pharmacy into existence was to ensure that the patients receive the right medicines and avail from its benefits.[…] Read More

Smart Assistance: If you are a beginner and have just started with your practice, then you should only let a reliable firm like Medphine take care of your billing.[…] Read More

Value Addition Services: Medphine works with a goal to be the lifeline of your practice and renders value addition services that would help you run your practice effectively and ensure that your clients (patients) are as happy as ours.[…] Read More