Account Receivables Follow Up

“MGMA survey found that providers loose 15% of their revenue every month because of poor AR follow ups!’

Medphine understands that account receivables form a crucial part of cash flow and requires rigorous follow up to be kept under control. We provide promising services that will ensure that all the services performed get paid for, completely and promptly.

Cash flow and revenue cycle are the core factors that contribute in income generation for a practice. Medphine increases the profitability by reducing the account receivable days and increasing the collection ratio.

Why are claims denied?

  1. Denial management
  2. AR analysis
  3. Appeals and Claims Resubmissions
  4. Insurance collection (up to tertiary insurance payers)
  5. Patient collection

How Medphine will do it?

  • Pull the ageing reports in different ageing bars (>30, >60, >90, 100+ days)
  • Call insurance payers to get the current status of the claim
  • Determine the denial reason and choose the proper course of action accordingly
  • Appeal submission for denied claims with more detailed documentations
  • Resubmit claims in case of claims not on file, or not forwarded by the primary payer
  • Follow up with patients, if claims are on hold due to pending information from their side
  • Follow up with PCPs in case of referrals and authorization issues
  • If required, AR specialists seek clarification from providers on certain coding strategies
  • Specialists get in touch with Account executives of providers at payers office to resolve recurring issues of codes or denials to review the contract
  • Once the proper action is taken, follow up is done every second week
  • All these activities are tracked and passed through six-sigma analysis to determine the scope of improvement

Medphine’s provides the best Account Receivables Follow Up services in the industry and ensures that the providers see an average increase 10-20% in their revenue. Moreover, our streamlined and simple approach will improve the health of your revenue cycle by 2%.

If you have a pile of revenue clogged in old Account Receivables, then this is the right place for you. Medphine’s AR specialists are your sure shot take to get the every dollar paid. An appropriate strategy is designed after analyzing the receivables reports of the practice, and every possible resource is employed to clean up the blocked revenue cycle.

Whether you want your current receivables to flow smoothly or drain out the clogged account receivables, we have a solution for you. Call 732-419-2907 today!