What Our Client Say

  • inverted CommaMedphine has become an integral part of my practice. The executives are so professional yet friendly, my front desk staff calls them for every billing query, and they answer with same enthusiasm every time. I have reduced by cost by 20%.. Isn’t that amazing ! inverted Comma
    Ted, Hummingway MD Physician (Internal Medicine)
  • inverted CommaI owe this one to Medphine. My revenue has increase by 30% in the past, my patients appreciate their claims getting paid properly and I was able to add 2 more providers to my practice, in just 5 months inverted Comma
    Jaideep, Gohil MD Physician (Family Practice)
  • inverted CommaIt all started with just Insurance ageing, Medphine worked hard and got all my claims reimbursed within 2 months that the old US billing company was unable to do in a year. Now they handle complete billing for my two practices. inverted Comma
    Aamina, Malik MD Physician
  • inverted CommaI enjoy my work and things have become so much easier. Now I can focus on patient interaction and serve them better, all thanks to the sincere efforts of staff at Medphine inverted Comma
    Kelly, Bright Practice Manager, Ambulatory Surgical Center, IL
  • inverted CommaWe have grown exponentially over time, when we contracted with Medphine a year ago, we had 4 providers, now we have 60 providers on board, and 2 more signing next month. All thanks to our business partner- Medphine inverted Comma
    Practice Management Firm, Chicago, IL
  • inverted CommaI love their services, I love their staff and most importantly I love to see my revenue. I have referred Medphine to my fellow providers, and some of them have already started appreciating them.inverted Comma
    Tamana, Patel (Dermatologist) CO