Q1. If you could tell me that how much time would be required to get my billing up and running?

Answer.It would not take anything more than 3 to 7 days.  We will make our best efforts to get it done as soon as possible for you. All we would require is access to your Practice management software through remote desktop connection. That’s about it, we would get your billing up and running soon enough.  And just in case, you are a new practitioner, then it might just take a little longer frame of time than usual.

Q2. Can you provide me with a dedicated billing expert to my account?

Answer. You will have a personal team of billing experts for your account management.  This team will give you one point of contact for any communication that you may require. We work on a “team” billing approach.

Q3. How frequently can my claims be processed?

Answer. Your claims will be prepared for processing within 24 hours of receipt.

Q4. I really want to know that how do you structure your fees?

Answer. We follow three different pricing models: a)    Flat fee pricing b)    Percentage based pricing c)    Resource based pricing So you can choose to pay either a fixed amount every month depending on the services you outsource or pay hourly charges of resources that would be working on your account. Both these methods are independent of the number of claims or your revenue. And under the percentage based pricing model, we will charge a fixed percentage of the amount you collect and not bill. Been reasonable enough, we never charge any maintenance fees or start-up prices.

Q5. Do you provide support in Credentializing and/or Medicare Provider Enrollment?

Answer. Yes, certainly we would be delighted to assist you with Credentializing and provider enrollment.

Q6. I was wondering whether you could work on our old Accounts Receivables (Ageing) while we are making further transitions to your company?

Answer. We can definitely do that for you. We have a whole team in the follow up department that can easily follow up your old aging accounts.

Q7. What are the steps to signing up with your company?

Answer. For signing up with our company, you need to follow two simple steps. Firstly, you need to fill up a Startup Checklist and after that you will require to sign a Billing Agreement. As soon as these two processes are completed, we can start with the work.

Q8. Could you tell me if you attend to any patient inquiries?

Answer. Of course we do. Yes. We would only require your staff should to send all billing–related questions directly to us through email or by any other relevant means. And If you choose you can forward all the billing related calls to us on our phone.

Q9. I have been thinking to outsource from quite some time now, but what I fear is that I would lose control over my billing if I outsource, is that true?

Answer. No, that’s not true at all. You need not worry, as you will have better control over your billing then before. You can request a report anytime or simply put up any question that might be troubling with your dedicated account manager.

Q10. Could you help us by handling all the insurances of our patients?

Answer. Yes, we can take care of all insurances including Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid and various others. Apart from this we can also handle Secondary Insurance claims.

Q11. If you could brief me up about how do you transmit claims?

Answer. We transmit claims via electronic means to all those firms that have the facility and are proficient with EMC (Electronic Medical Claims). Also, we process definite payers on paper, the reason being, the latter ones are paid relatively faster.

Q.12. Is it possible for you to follow-up on unpaid claims?

Answer. Yes, it is certainly possible. With our dedicated efforts, we follow-up and track down all unpaid claims through making essential improvements/corrections or if needed, communicates with your office staff for to fetch any additional information to make sure that these unpaid claims are paid soon.

Q13. How much experience does your staff hold?

Answer. We have a devoted team of experts, possessing a combined experience of over 25 years. All our team members have commendable records of various target achievements.

Q14. How does Medphine stand out from various other billing firms?

Answer. Medphine always believes in complete transparency, so we provide you with steady and comprehensive reports that are easy to understand. We look ahead for your feedback and recommendations; we process your claims within 24 hours of receipt. With all these factors Medphine has always been at its professional best.

Q15. Provided that you have taken over, so should we continue to work on our previous billings/collections or not?

Answer. Despite the fact that we have taken over, it would be a great idea that you continue working on your existing accounts receivable for a minimum time period of 45 days. If by any instance you are facing problems, then we would be more than happy to handle those as well. Any question that has not been answered above, feel free to call us with them and we would be glad to answer all your queries! Any question that has not been answered above, feel free to call us on 732-419-2907 and we would be glad to answer all your queries!