Insurance Verification

‘Prevention is better than cure” the famous phrase that asks us to be prepared than to lament about it afterwards.”

A medical survey has shown that 6% insured individuals forget to renew their health insurance coverage annually and as a result they have to pay for the services from their pocket that account for almost 30% of their annual insurance premium.

This can be disadvantageous for the provider as well, in case the patient becomes reluctant about their coverage and don’t pay the bills. To bring down these figures, Medphine performs insurance verification of every patient that comes in for an appointment a day or two before. In case the patient doesn’t have an active coverage he is informed about the same.

Advantages of Insurance Verification:

How Medphine will do it?

We can verify more or less from these information while verifying insurance depending on the specialty of the provider:

Why Medphine?

Medphine’s Insurance Verification service can help in safe guarding and literally reducing the claim denial rate by 40%.It initiates a healthy revenue cycle and puts a check from the very beginning.

If your aging report shows piles of denied claims, it’s high time to act? Call us today and know more about what Medphine can do for you?