Healthcare RPO services

A fit employee base will ensure a healthy healthcare facility.

Medphine will help your healthcare practice- be it an independent clinic or a multispeciality hospital find the best lot of clinicians and non-clinicians professionals who will help your organization take better care and dispense quality treatment to the patients. The increasing medical workforce shortage and the growing demand for staff should not force you just to hire the first lot of under-qualified candidates that come your way.

Let Medphine’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing effectively manage it right from sourcing to onboarding of the candidate so that you can invest your time in focusing on achieving the goals of the healthcare organization.

What is healthcare RPO?

RPO goes beyond what healthcare staffing companies and headhunters do. They do not just help you hire healthcare staff once and are on their way. The goal of healthcare RPO is to ensure that the recruitment processes are streamlined and overall efficiency is enhanced.

An adequately devised and deployed RPO strategy can help an organization with employer branding, hiring, employee engagement and onboarding. Medphine’s RPO service will ensure just that.

How will Medphine do it?

  • You have the choice to either outsource a part of the recruitment process or hire our dedicated team as your full-time employees.
  • Our team has the knowledge of the talent market and will look for employees whose work ethics align with your healthcare organization’s goals and objectives
  • Clients can hire a full-time recruiter from our global delivery service center and raise their requirements for specific candidates with the job description.
  • Medphine’s team of RPO experts has access to resources, recruitment tools, and technology that will provide services right from sourcing, cost-effectively screening to onboarding.
  • Depending upon your selection and your practice’s candidate's requirement, the Medphine RPO team, will partner with you to ensure a culturally fit medical and non-medical staff is hired to enhance the patient's experience and improve hospital’s productivity.

Why Medphine?

  • End to end hiring Process
  • Hire Cream of the crop
  • Enhance the organization's performance
  • Hire Medial and non-medical staff
  • Hire temporary and permanent staff
  • Hire culturally fit candidate that requires little to no training
  • Tailored strategies for requirement and geography
  • Onboard resources to help with the recruitment needs
  • Up to date and Straightforward RPO approach
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Streamlining talent acquisition and retention
  • Staff regulatory requirement compliance
  • Expertise ensuring risk mitigation and agility
  • Cost-effective Sourcing and onboarding of candidates

Frequently Asked questions

Why should we outsource recruitment?

Outsourcing will free you from the hassle of constantly hiring and onboarding the staff and taking care of nitties gritties eating up your organization’s productivity.

Won’t RPO be expensive?
On the contrary RPO will help you find such reliable and qualified candidates that will help enhance your organization’s productivity and revenue outcome in the long run. RPO is a one time investment that generates higher ROI.

Will I lose control of my staff?
No, Medphine’s RPO teamwork as a partner and not a vendor making sure every strategy that is being deployed is done after your approval. The goal is to deliver effective policies with transparency. From sourcing to screening the entire control is in your hand and you will be the one taking the decision.

What does your RPO service entail?
From healthcare staffing such as nurse staffing, physician staffing service to permanent placement, Medphine offers exhaustive RPO solutions.

How does your RPO hiring model work?
Fee per placement: We will take a certain percentage of every successful placement of the staff.
Annual payment management: We will charge monthly for the dedicated recruiters working on filling up position on regular basis