Culture @ Medphine

Medphine aims to build a positive and vibrant environment for its people. The intellect and potential that human minds are blessed with, is what we are looking forward to explore. We aspire to bring the best out of your capabilities and skills, which would not only help in the company’s growth but will also, prove your strengths.

Medphine holds complete trust in all the people associated with it. Our endeavors are devoted to that of medical excellence so as to bring the greatest possible benefits for our customers.

Your strength is our budding component to development. And we believe in rewards and recognition theory. Hence, we treat our employees with financial rewards when they outperform client’s expectations and recognize their efforts every now and then to boost their morale and spirits.

Personal Growth

At Medphine you will come across millions of brilliant opportunities to learn new things that would facilitate in building the precepts of your medical career. Each day will be a new experience with a new learning for you.

We work towards highlighting your undiscovered talent. Our vision is to present each employee with an equally fair chance to showcase their abilities in various health care programs, then no matter whether you are a beginner or a medical expert.

It has been rightly said that ‘success comes to those who work hard’ we are true believers of this phrase. We nominate our employees for industry specialized certifications that would add value to their professional resume and career overall.

We highly strive to fabricate an unbreakable thread of unity with a committed team of employees.


We warmly welcome dynamic and experienced professionals from Healthcare management industry. Here are the key points of what we term as a Medical Professionals-

Revenue Cycle Operations Managers

Team Leaders -Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Specialists

Accounts Receivable Executives

Medical Coders

AR / Sr. AR Executive

We cordially invite all those who have the above mentioned qualities in them, you can send in your resume at [email protected] and we would revert back to you as soon as possible.