Value Addition Services

“We strive to not only solve your current billing issues, but also provide solutions that would give you an extra edge over your competitors”

Medphine works with a goal to be the lifeline of your practice, and renders value addition services that would help you run your practice more effectively and ensure that your clients (patients) are as happy as ours.

We take initiative and offer these wonderful and highly promising services to our clients with a minimal addition to their current fees with a promise of increasing their productivity.

Patient Feedback Calls

On the discretion of the client, Medphine’s Patient Relationship specialists call patient who had their treatment on their behalf and ask them about their experience with the doctor. Clients can request a specific questionnaire to be followed or just general feedback about how they feel. This can help doctors in improving their practice and also build a confidence in their patients that they are important to them.

Patient Recalls for Follow Up

Patient recall is a service under which clients can choose a particular set of patients to call and proactively inspire them to come for a regular check up or revisit. Doing this have two advantages: 1 Patients feels that the provider is really concerned about his/her patients 2 It will increase the volume of the provider’s business.

Old Account Receivables follow up

The pressure of incoming patients is such that practice managers and In-house staffs can barely focus on clogged account receivables. Apart from the Complete Revenue Cycle Management services we offer, Medphine AR specialists can also assist providers in cleaning up their clogged Account Receivables without having to hinder the functioning of their normal day-to-day billing cycle. Here is a sample case study of a Dermatology Specialist

April 1, 2007



% of Total

0 to 30



31 to 60



61 to 90



91 to 120



121 to 150



151 +



March 31, 2009



% of Total

0 to 30



31 to 60



61 to 90



91 to 120



121 to 150



151 +



Before Outsourcing:

  1. Cash flow was hindered greatly due to blocked dollars.
  2. Practice could not expand, pay bills on time, bring new physicians or implement new technologies.
  3. Office environment was disturbed due to tension between physicians and the billing staff.
  4. Patient realized the incapability of the practice and lost their faith in the provider.
  5. Daily routine tasks were getting back in the list due to old AR pressure.

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After outsourcing to Medphine:

  1. Recovery of old receivables allowed the practice to invest in brand new hi-tech equipments.
  2. Practice hired new dermatologists and expanded their business in a year.
  3. In-house staffs are freed from any task related to billing and can give prime importance to patients.
  4. The main source of their business now is patient referrals.
  5. Medphine perform a free practice analysis every trimester and suggest new ideas to improve practice’s productivity.

Provider’s Credentialing

How a provider gets paid depend on his/her contract with the insurance payers. In order to sign contracts effectively a provider has to maintain appropriate credentials. Maintaining provider numbers is one of the most pressing matters. If you are a physician starting a practice, or leaving a group or hospital then it is imperative to have your credentials right. Medphine handles credentialing services with utmost professionalism and care.

Consultation Services

Medphine is a team of specialists and professionals who have been in this industry for a long time and have served hundreds of different facilities. Owing to this expertise, we provide consultation services to our new clients as well as existing clients occasionally and educate them about the financial health of their practice. On the basis of this analysis, we design a strategy to achieve next benchmark of performance and revenue, help them in achieving the same seamlessly.

Staff Training

Foreseeing the ever changing industry standards and updates, Medphine has recently introduced a new feature for its clients. Now, the expert team at Medphine will provide virtual training to the employees of the practice to introduce them with the upcoming changes and help them in adapting with the same. This will be beneficial for overall performance of the billing cycle, and will keep the staff informed about the changes they will have to adapt to, in order to converge with Medphine’s Billing services.

Social Media Optimization

Medphine believes that our success and growth lies in the growth of the client. Hence, we our providers in building their social presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. which will help them in growing the volume of their business. Depending on the convenience of the provider, experts at Medphine can also manage social media accounts on their behalf.

Mobile App Development

Growing and advancing with technology is a must for providers to gain that extra edge over their competitors. Owing to our collaboration with a reputed IT company, we offer an additional advantage to our clients to get a customized mobile app developed for themselves or their patients, depending on their requirement. This app will be compatible with all the smart phones in the market and will allow providers and patients to access their appointment schedules, claims history and payment history, etc.

Website Designing

Medphine can also assist providers in getting their website developed and hosted to mark their presence in web world. The website can be developed according to the requirement or specification of the provider. It can have some high end facilities such as booking or scheduling appointments, allowing patient to make online payment of their bills and much more.Medphine, not only provide billing services to the healthcare providers, but also look forward to assist them in growing their business. Call us today on 732-419-2907. to know what more Medphine does for their clients!