eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Services

Why opt for eClinicalworks Experts

  • eClinicalworks is a reputed software used for handling and maintaining EHR-Electronic Health Report.
  • Simplify your patient information in just a few clicks.
  • Our software has become a necessity for service providers to help manage extensive data.
  • Through our certified systems ,we provide enhanced efficiency in handling patients.
  • Informations, using an ordered documentation system.
  • Streamlined transfer of EHR data while changing providers
  • Client servicing and technical assistance to practitioners

Over 60% Providers in US are using eClinicalworks

Using eClinicalWorks has shown to increase the revenue of the enterprise go up by at least 30 percent. It reduces the risk factors to a bare minimum and ensures a quick and speedy revenue collection.

eClinicalWorks is used by more than 130,000 physician users in over 80,000 facilities. It provides the benefits of efficient operation systems, high quality patient care, scrupulous cost control, enhanced management and control and improved profitability.

No wonder that it has become the preferred choice when it comes to Medical Billing and revenue management.

We Are Here To Help

  • Certified Coders: Our skilled coders can help you increase your practice’s revenue by ensuring that the codes are applied correctly in order to minimize errors, accelerate the billing process and reduce impact on your bottom line. Our coders have medical coding solutions that have an impact on improving revenue and cash flow.
  • eCW Billing Experts: Our eCW billing experts can optimize your revenue base which will fast-track your work process. You will experience immediate increase in your collections and cut in high expenses. We perform all patient billing and follow-up activities for your practice.
  • Financial Analysis:You need an industry expert who understands the finances of your practice. Each dollar needs to be balanced and every outstanding claim needs immediate attention. We keep an eye on your revenue cycle to analyze each and every process to ensure your revenue.
  • Profit Maximizer: We at Medphine can help you in maximising your profit by providing you customized tools, technology and services. Our solutions will help you handle challenges such as increasing patient payment, chance with Meaningful Use, PQRS and more.
  • Patient Account Services: Patients require a 24/7 service on the calls as well. It’s impossible for you to be available all the time on phone. That is why we will be at your service to attend the queries of your patients regarding medical bills in multi-languages. It will reduce the phone rings in your office so that your staff is free for other tasks.


  • Handling information and transactions on eClinicalWorks.
  • Reduction in risk factors.
  • Increase in the cash inflow
  • A well structured Medical Database Management System.
  • No coding and reporting errors.
  • Code patient encounters with enhanced precision.

eClinicalworks experts help you expand your practice

We at Medphine have a team of highly experienced staff who are trained on how to effectively manage your billings and claims denial process. Hiring a billing staff who holds expertize in eClinicalworks not only streamlines your billing management but also provides you with increased capital to expand your practice. Our experts can manage credentialing, contract settlements, and billing and in return you get provided with timely reimbursements. We work according to your requirements and availability. So why wait?.

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