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The secret recipe to achieving success is to focus on one thing at a time, but how often do we actually practice being in the moment? It’s not a matter of choice anymore, modern-day lifestyles and careers are highly demanding, and we are living under constant pressure to keep ourselves updated, constantly devouring data as consumers and creators.

Data is the new currency and US Healthcare industry is the perfect example where you have to literally produce patient data in structured formats traveling through EDI systems to be fairly compensated for rendered services. Providers choose to practice medicine as it’s the noblest and most respectable career choice allowing them to comfort people who are fighting illnesses, and diseases and going through probably the most difficult times in their lives.

Patients like to be heard and paid attention to however, most providers who are trying to finish their charts during the appointment are often too busy juggling with tabs on their computer that they have almost no time for eye contact with patients, it’s skewing the dynamics of the patient-provider relationship as patients start to think whether they even received the attention they deserved.

Now to avoid this situation providers only highlight the important bits during encounters and complete rest of the charts towards the end of the day or on Fridays and weekends. In the process, they are compromising their quality of life and getting closer to provider burnout. There is also a significant risk of missing the important bits of information from the encounter. This delay in the competition of charts reflects negatively on the claim creation process, as now billers have to work the backlog piled up over the weekend. Not to mention this add to claim turnaround time and delays the reimbursement process.

So is there a solution to the problem?

Yes, and it’s called “Live Virtual Assistance”

Medphine has created the “Live Virtual Assistance” program with productive inputs from our clients and our resources have been trained in conjunction with our provider teams. We are enabling providers to receive professional help focused on proper documentation and completion of their charts during encounters. Providers can once again pay their undivided attention to patients, improve eye contact and quality of interaction to get better patient satisfaction, and score high in practice/provider ratings.

Advantages of Live Virtual Assistance:

Do LVA reps work on my EMR?

Our LVA professionals are already trained on popular EMR platforms and can also learn new EMR software if needed. We can also help you with administrative tasks and facilitate your practice’s daily workflow such as proper documentation of notes, benefits verification, answering patient queries, etc.

Non Binding Contracts – explore with ease.

Live Virtual Assistance program comes with a non-binding month-to-month contract and allows you to interview available candidates, so could hand pick the most suitable assistance for your practice. You also have the option to hire full-time or part-time resources by paying a nominal monthly fee.

Compliance and Technology

Live Virtual Assistants are trained professionals with significant industry exposure and experience to work in a clinical setting. They are proficient in working on popular Electronic Medical Record software and have completed their HIPAA training requirements in Privacy and Security protections. Our proprietary tools provide added level of security and encryption so you can stay connected without worrying about PHI and data security.

LVAs are highly skilled reps with exposure to back office tasks and can be further trained to perform a variety of functions and absorb administrative responsibilities to reduce administrative cost, improve productivity and take your practice performance up a notch.

Why Live Virtual Assistance through Medphine?

Medphine’s Live Virtual Assistance program is running successfully with our clients, it’s tried and tested and has created tangible results for providers from the first month. It’s never been easier to get trustworthy remote assistance through live reps on portable video modules. Our providers are happy to reclaim the time and freedom they were missing without this solution. If you are spending extra hours completing patient charts, or want to improve provider-patient relations or reduce administrative costs to your practice, it’s high time to act.

Our 24/7 Virtual Assistance Process

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