Super Bill and Charge Entry

“I have to check against the procedure that I have performed, and that’s all I have to do, Thanks Medphine!”

Insurance companies have stated that 4 out of 10 denied claims of a provider are due to clerical error!

Charge entry into a provide management system or software is the first step of the revenue cycle and often most underestimated as well. In this process, already created patient accounts are assigned appropriate codes as per the service provided to them by the healthcare provider. The charges so entered will determine the reimbursements the physician will receive from the insurance company. Thus it is very crucial that these codes are entered properly, because even a minute error will lead to denial of the claims. Hence, utmost care should be taken to enter these codes properly so that a clean claim can be produced.

Depending upon the ease of the providers, some providers manually write codes on a super bill (A special sheet that consists of the list of services provided by a provider, the correct code is checked at the time of the appointment) or just write descriptions about the diagnosis and treatment, which are later converted into codes by specialized coders. In the later case, Medphine provides comprehensive and reliable medical billing and coding services, which assures that claims get paid easily and in a hassle free manner.

Why outsource Charge Entry?

How Medphine will do it?

Why Medphine?

Specialists at Medphine do charge entry as a part of the healthcare revenue cycle management services as well as a stand-alone service depending upon client’s requirement. Get in touch with us to know more about the service, Call us on 732-419-2907