The effectiveness of Mental Health practice’s billing is directly proportional to timely billing and proper coding.

Behavioral Health Billing Service

Every Mental health care organization irrespective of its size, needs a sound Medical Billing partner to manage and help your revenue cycle flow in a sustainable way. For mental health care providers it becomes really tough to manage their revenue cycle effectively as they offer

Medphine helps you by eliminating the coding complications by employing certified and experienced Pediatric coders, and assuring that your hard work is paid for. We have three layered claim scrubbing process that helps us generate 100% clean claims on the first pass with minimum re-submissions.

Medphine has all required experience to deal with the complications coming in the way of a Mental / Behavioral Health practice.

So while you help your patients, we help you by:

Ensuring that we bill codes that adhere to payer and State specific guidelines
Submitting claims to the right payer within the time frame
Verifying new patients to ensure they have apt benefits and are eligible
Following up on claims within 30 days to avoid Insurance Ageing
Helping you in advance Patient Collections by getting coverage details.

We know the art of simplifying the complexities which occur during the process of submitting insurance claims for Mental health care. We are HIPAA compliant and take utmost care of PHI. Feel free to discuss our compliance policy with your account managers.

With new reforms and regulations introduced by CMS, quality care is becoming essential. Mental health care service needs even more attention and time investment in the treatment process. We help you invest all your quality time to focus on patient care rather than engaging in paperworks, reports, and other administrative aspects for receiving proper reimbursement.

What We Do

Medphine have experienced billers to manage Work Comp, MVA and PI cases.
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