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Oncology Medical Billing Services

Oncology Billing requires specialized skills as the codes are complex. You need to know about the coding procedure of oncologists/hematologists and auxiliary staff like hydration service, diagnostic administration and many others to get the proper reimbursement.

A complete knowledge of chemotherapy treatment and packaged claims is required to avoid incorrect coding and loss of revenue.

Medphine has an experienced team of medical coders and billers who understand multiple chemotherapy administrations, code bundling and changing compliance rules. We provide a complete Revenue Cycle Management system.

Medical Billing Services For Oncologists

We provide oncology practitioners with comprehensive coding, billing and collection management services.

Effective Claim processing
Effective Claim processing
revenue collection
Improved revenue collection with certified coders from AAPC or AHIMA. They are well aware of the oncology terminology and guideline.
Account Management
Account Receivables Management for flourishing revenue system.


Maintaining transparency
Maintaining transparency throughout the cycle.
Codes are updated quarterly according to Hematology specialty to avoid claim denials.
Practice management
Practice management reports prepared by experts.


progress and reports
Meetings discuss progress and reports.
Quality control assessments
Quality control assessments
Oncology reports and documents.
Keeping flow of follow up which is not possible for medical staff as they are busy in maintaining other important Oncology reports and documents.

Areas of Expertize

We have a well trained staff to keep up with the changing requirements and codes to make you revenue cycle more effective. We keep a regular flow of follow ups for effective and speedy reimbursement.

Coders understand complex rules and codes.
All operative notes
We know all the variations in codes in multiple procedures.
Terminology related to oncology
Coding for surgical process.
We understand CCI edits
Adding modifiers

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Our Medical Billing Software

We help our clients in getting highest returns on their medical claims at an affordable price without making any compromises on patient support.

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Our billing team is expert in using eClinicalWorks to avoid any kind of error which can result in claim denial.

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Our eClinicalWorks software expertize can easily connect all our client’s organization data with our own data.


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You can reap the benefits of professional working for you without buying any expensive Medical Billing Software and updating it.

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Our Oncology billing service with the help of expert hands in EHR software deliver revenue for their Oncology services at a lower cost and in a timely manner.

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