Why Outsource

Medphine promises to be your partner in Medical Billing, and render services in a manner that your revenue cycle will give results like never before.

If you are still not sure whether you should outsource your billing or do it in-house, here are the top ten trending reasons for “Why a health care provider should outsource their Billing?”

Medical billing can get really challenging at times. Let alone, doctors and physicians have a highly demanding task to perform, so medical billing can be a massive burden on their already busy schedule. This is where the role of Outsourcing medical billing comes in. You can quite easily hand over all your medical billing to Medphine, and breathe a sigh of relief.

We understand that you have a noble work to perform of saving the lives of generous beings, so your medical billing will be our concern from now on. Take a stroll through the various advantages of why outsourcing is a good idea-

While making bills you might have missed on the opportunity to give the required amount of assistance to your patients. You can surely make up for that now, as we will take care of your billing and meanwhile you can perform your job efficiently.

You need not keep any qualms about if you will have as much control over your billing details as you had earlier. Yes, you will rather have better control over billing. You do not lose control, but you certainly do lose the annoyance of making bills on your own, you will be saved from the chaos.

We have a proficient team of richly experienced medical billers, who will ensure that your claims are being correctly submitted at the right time. Sure, you are not an expert medical biller so making errors is quite natural. Hence, it is always better to let the experts do their work rather than landing up in committing errors. This will lessen the number of denied and rejected claims owing to billing errors.

Now that there will be a decline in the overhead costs, as a result the timely submission of medical claims and the heightened reimbursements will draw in increased profits.

Your claims will be handled by an entire team of experienced and dedicated credentials billing professionals. Our team will work towards enhancing the financial performance of your practice alongside escalating your revenue and profitability. Our team will work on your claims until the time they have been payed or a convincing answer for non‐payment has been received.

At the end of every month you will receive report packages, which will give you a fair idea about the previous month’s billing and collections. Through this you will eventually realize the favorable results that outsourcing will bring for you. Also , you will also have a much better understanding of your practice’s billing and collections.

Despite that fact that we have taken over, still you can have full visibility into the whole billing procedure. We believe that you have equal access over your patient information.

Every day something new comes up in the insurance industry, being attentive enough, we keep a track of all those changes and introduce them accordingly in the billing process. Practitioners never have the time to keep up with the latest stuff that is going on in the insurance world, so we take full responsibility for that.

You can literally save millions of bucks by outsourcing. Just in case you were unaware of the fact that, a typical practice spends nearly 30‐40% of their total collections to perform the billing, so you have a golden opportunity here as outsourcing will greatly cut-down this cost.

By outsourcing you won’t have to get a billing system installed in your office nor will you have to pay extra bucks on buying various equipments. So, you will not have to keep up with the sky-high costs of software upgrades.

These above mentioned points stand tall on the benefits that outsourcing brings along for all of you. If you want to more to convince yourself that you deserve this, talk to an medical billing expert on 732-419-2907!