Our Values

Moralistic Enthusiastic Dependable Progressive Honesty Integrity Nurturing Ethical

Medphine believes in values, and abides to them while ensuring that we offer matchless services to our clients.

When the company was created, a strong foundation was laid by cultivating moral values, instead of just profit building ambitions. We strived for perfection rather than mere existence.

What are the core values of Medphine?

Moralistic: At Medphine, we encourage our employees to be moralistic and give them the freedom to raise their voice against any breach or misuse of power. We train employees to “Do things right and make sure others do it rightly too”.

Enthusiastic: We work with enthusiasm and zeal, which can be seen in our results. Office culture and atmosphere allows employees to relish their work and keep them in their best spirits. Medphine is always enthusiastic to perform and succeed.

Dependable: Medphine is a name that you can depend on for all your billing related issues. We allow providers to transfer their overhead to us, and focus on their patients with complete peace of mind.

Progressive: We believe in doing smart work rather than laborious work. Our primary focus is on improving the performance; ours as well as your practices’. Hence, we do brainstorming on the reports and issues, to lay strategy for progressive working of the practice.

Honesty: We understand that you have made a tremendous decision by outsourcing your billing to us; hence we handle each and every task with utmost care. Honesty is our policy; client is well informed and updated about each and every on-going accomplishment regularly.

Integrity: At Medphine, we abide to integrity by choosing our thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.

Nurturing: Believing that healthcare-providers cherish their businesses or practices like their children, we help them in nurturing them with our competent and innovative services.

Ethical: Being a part of Medical healthcare industry, we swear on following only ethical practices for our business as well our clients’. We take utmost care to abide by the HIPAA regulations and ensure that we never breach any of the stated or mentioned security guidelines of the industry.