Smart Assistance

Starting a new medical practice

If you are a beginner and have just started with your practice, then you should only let a reliable firm like Medphine take care of your billing. As you have just started, so juggling with the patients and billing requirements can be really exhausting. By outsourcing you can be sure of the fact that your efforts will never be disregarded and your infant practice would get the best possible care.

You will have complete support from our dedicated team as they will keep a track on all your claims and provide valuable feedback from time to time. Being a physician/owner, you need to develop a deeper insight towards expanding your business and getting more patients, which will further pave your path to a successful practice.

The first stepping stone to a new practice is Credentialing. Just in case you are not rightly credentialed, then you might not be paid for any of your services for several months. You need not worry in that case, as Medphine provides credentialing services. The entire process of credentialing requires great expertise; Medphine will take care of the entire process and assist you in setting up the contract with all the commercial and non-commercial insurance payers.

With a motto to help your business run competently and effectively, we would be glad to assist you through the billing and credentialing processes. One has to keep pace with the ever-changing billing and revenue cycle to have a thriving practice.

We commit ourselves in making your medical practice a fruitful one; you can rely on us as we would put in tremendous efforts to increase your revenues.

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Established Practice

Even if you are presently outsourcing your medical billing or doing it in-house, Medphine is always ready to assist you at each step of the way.

We work on the following objectives:

Within a span of 30 days we can easily spot all the flaws that are present in your current billing process and make the required corrections right away. During the next 3 to 6 months, we will be able to work out on the weak areas in your billing process. Also, we will suggest with on how to make improvements by giving you appropriate feedback and recommendations.

You need to look up to our services as an extension of your business. We will work as your team highly dedicated in getting your money for you, promptly and efficiently.

We have proven the excellence of our services by showing a considerable increase in collections. In our assistance we intend to provide every medical practice with the right strategies to be successful.

Without wasting any more time get started today! Feel free to contact us today for a Smart Assistance

We welcome your billing queries

If you have been in quest for the apt solution to all your billing queries, then you have landed at the right place.

In the course of your medical practice it is very natural to come across a situation where you need an instant solution. Possibly one of the following might have has happened during your practice:

In respect of all the above mentioned points we are about to delight you with the fact that, at Medphine we have the desired solutions for any billing query that has to be attended immediately. We value your business equally so we will have you up and running quickly.

Our specialists are known for completing the tasks before the pre-decided time frame, quality yet speedy results are what we strive for.

We would be pleased to inform more about our services that can make your business ride high on success, so to get more details you can surely contact us today. We await your presence!