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Best Ways to Spot your Medical Billing Errors


Medical billing errors is costing medical practitioners with enough money. There are chances that millions of Americans are overpaying due to these errors. Medical inaccuracies such as wrong information, incorrect insurance ID number and inflated quantity of services leads to billing errors. In order to protect your wallet,  you needs to careful checking that the […]

5 Measures for Effective EHR Implementation


  Healthcare Organizations require efficient way to process and share information to enhance productivity, better quality, save money and ensure compliance. A proper implementation of EHR’s provides all the benefits related to adopting digital technology.   Analyze whether you need EHR Software Undoubtedly, technology is becoming prominent part of our society but the major question […]

3 Impactful Methods to Control Revenue Leakage in Healthcare


  Many medical practices experience leakage in the revenue collection, right from patient appointment. We have discussed 3 impactful methods to improve your revenue cycle management and prevent any further leakages. MAKING PAYMENT ACCESSIBLE There are million practices that unintentionally puts limitations by not offering different ways for patients to pay. Chances are that patients […]

4 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes Resulting in Claim Denials


  According to a survey, better performing medical groups have just  4.05% claim denial rate. Is your practice facing more than four percent denial rate? Input oversights, manual errors and timing issues results for more denials than any other factor.   Here are 5 tips to avoid common mistakes resulting in claim denials:   Timely […]

Comprehensive guide to Medical Billing Software


Are you struggling to maximize the efficiency of your billing process. There are various types of medical billing software which makes choosing the right software challenging. Medical billing software costs high which makes trial versions crucial before investing on it. You need to focus on the below given billing software features:   Revenue Management Medical […]

Top 6 reasons behind claim Denials


Are you experiencing numerous claim denials? Medical healthcare can increase the chances of higher reimbursement by knowing the reason behind denied claim and taking necessary steps to prevent these errors. Let’ see the top 6 reasons behind claim denials: Duplicate Claims Medical practices and hospitals plays huge part in generating duplicate claims that results in […]

Ways in which Medical Bills Affect your Reimbursement


Facing sky-high bills or mistakes and delay in the insurance processing? Introduction of new reforms causes havoc on medical billing. Even before ACA began into effect, bringing MACRA into picture added to the growing share of risk.     In the changing climate, physicians are striving towards managing revenue differently to ensure delivered value is […]

Ways in which Certified Coder Enhances your Revenue


Earlier physicians use to rely on single office manager to perform coding and billing along with overseeing operations. Practitioners are under large amount of scrutiny by payers and auditors, required for highly specialized healthcare knowledge. Blended with EHR implementations, ACA and transition to ICD-10 results in struggling to stay in the market. Many practices have […]