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We Take Special Care of Your Billing, Just Like You Care For Your Patients.

Pediatric coding and billing requires different kind of speciality to ensure proper reimbursement. The range of services offered by Pediatrics are varide and wide. They need to deal with infants, toddlers, teenagers and their varied problems. It is impossible to focus on billing guidelines while also thinking about so many procedures, treatments, conditions, diverse range of problems.

Medphine helps you by eliminating the coding complications by employing certified and experienced Pediatric coders, and assuring that your hard work is paid for. We have three layered claim scrubbing process that helps us generate 100% clean claims on the first pass with minimum re-submissions.


Our Billers and Coders have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver our clients with valuable feedback to decrease the claim denials and having maximum reimbursement at a faster speed.

team members
Our team members are well versed in all CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS codes.
billing professionals
Our billing professionals well experienced in EMRs such as eClinicalWorks, Athena, Kareo and many more.
AAPC certified coders
Our AAPC certified coders, A/R analysts and audit team works together to make revenue cycle more effective for Pediatrics practitioners.


A/R analysts
Our A/R analysts also evaluate ageing to find out common errors and omissions, to educate providers in correcting their notes and procedures.
Our coders help providers in staying top of latest industry updates by keeping constant check on codes that get dropped, and new code additions.

Our Expertize

Our team members are familiar with all the specialized codes of Pediatrics especially codes of different vaccines for delivering proper reimbursement. Many other areas of expertise includes

Expert at billing various pediatric procedures and nebulizer treatment.
Follows the guidelines of AAP ( American Academy of Pediatrics) and AMA accordingly. All professionals working for your Pediatrics revenue management.
Insurance verification and authorization.
Claim denial management by timely follow ups.
Account receivable management which is a key to seamless cash flow.
Knowledge of billing guidelines for vaccine administration.
CPT codes restrictions and limitations pertaining to patient’s age
Know about the complications related to addition of a newborn on their parent’s insurance

Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle With Us!

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