Appointment Reminder

I find it caring that someone calls me to remind me about my Doctor’s appointment!

Medphine provides a wide range of medical billing services that aids a healthcare provider in improving the functioning of their overall revenue cycle as well as their customer service that is patients’ experience.
Appointment reminder is one such service that not only benefits the provider but also enhances the patient’s experience with the doctor. It is always courteous to remind patients about their upcoming appointments. Medphine can access the doctor’s schedule and call all the patients on behalf of the practice, and remind them about their appointments. Doctors or providers can also provide special instructions or guidelines for patients to be given on the call.

This practice would dramatically decrease the number of NCNS (No call No Show) from the appointment schedule, because if patient would not be able to come, they can get the appointments cancelled or request it to be rescheduled on the same call. It will also eliminate NCNS charges from the AR report, as they have to be eventually written off by the provider.

Depending on the requirement, appointment reminders can be done through call, text or emails.
Advantages you would see if you choose Medphine for appointment reminders:

  • Provider can easily find the earliest vacant scheduled time, in a day or week for personal use.
  • Recurring appointments can be scheduled effortlessly in one go. Patients can be reminded, in sufficient advance, of upcoming appointments.
  • Appointment cancellation and rescheduling occurs without difficulty.
  • Fewer scheduling errors are made and no-shows are reduced. Affordable for both smaller and medium size practices; shows remarkable reduction in office staff hours and expenses.
  • Patients can be informed about special instructions to be given by the doctor.
  • Patients can be informed about their liabilities well in advance.