Oncology Billing Solutions

Oncology and Radiology has various complex procedures which encompasses regular EHR updation and payment processing. Therefore, it is not easy to have just about anyone to handle your Revenue Cycle and Claims Processing.

You need the help of the experts who can assist you in every step of Oncology billing so that you can focus your undivided attention to the treatment and welfare of your patients.As part of our billing solution, Medphine offers oncology specific practice management software and support

How we can help

Comprehensive Oncology EHR Management

Medical Billing for Oncology is a bit different from other practices. There are certain terms and conditions in Oncology Coding Billing which are not common knowledge to the regular billing staff.This can lead to coding errors which causes losses in the billing structure. We have a trained set of professionals who are delicately working just to ensure that our clients get the Medical Billing Service that they expect and deserve.

Expert Team at your disposal

Our dedicated team of professionals have been trained to handle all the facets of your Medical Billing for Oncology. They possess the ability and knowledge which makes your practice much more easier to manage. We adhere to the guidelines set by HIPAA and you can be assured that all your data is kept private.We deliver extensive process improvements in claims management and provide tailored services and medical billing solutions for hospital-based practices and free-standing facilities.