Medphine has a dedicated team for coders and billers specializing in Gastroenterology Billing. Our experienced billers and coders ensure smooth transition as well as zero downtime on learning the nitty gritty of your speciality.


Our team can take over from the very beginning of verifying the benefits for every patient specific to their procedure. For instance, a patient coming in for Colonoscopy will be verified for his/her colonoscopy benefits. Because details like when the last annual colonoscopy was performed, what is the remaining deductible to be met is crucial for avoiding denials and patient balance from the very beginning.

Medphine employs certified AAPC coders to code procedures. We then scrub claims to ensure compliance of CCI edits, Insurance specific guidelines, and bundling conditions leading to clean claims with 99% first pass rate.


Medical billing companies who don’t have necessary experience in gastroenterology specialists usually are prone to make more mistakes and causing claim denial or underpayment. Medphine posses the team who are specialized in coding and billing for Gastroenterology

We have in-depth knowledge of most common Gastroenterology denials and bundling issues, and the Claims follow up team know their way through them.
Our coders are specialized in code variations in different procedures, complex rules and with the terminology of this speciality.
We help you in focusing on the patients by managing billing seamlessly, irrespective of practice size.
We have excelled the art of overcoming challenges like appealing bundled procedures, billing for colonoscopies against colorectal cancer screening and applying use of modifiers -59, -51 and -26
Your practice requires effective tracking of underpayment which your billing software and staff are inefficient in performing due to various reasons.

Why Us

Medphine knows every aspect of gastroenterology billing, which in a way means maximum reimbursement for the practitioner. We even help you in identifying the problematic areas in your revenue cycle and improve them.
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