Medical Transcription Process

medical billing service company-Medphine

“Our transcription services are dedicated to make things simpler for physicians”

Medphine have deciphered the secret behind optimal transcription services and employed it to support hundreds of healthcare providers across USA. Our core achievement is winning the trust of our clients and becoming their preferred transcription service provider.

Medical documents have become a crucial part of healthcare system and serves as a bridge between different physicians providing treatment to a patient. The accuracy and legibility of these documents guides the patient’s history and insurance track record. Due to its high importance, this documentation should be crafted with extreme caution and care. Hospital staff have time and responsibility constraints, hence focusing on documentation becomes difficult. Hence, outsourcing medical transcription to a vendor like Medphine gives them high quality of documents and ample time to focus on patients.

How Medphine will do it?

  1.  Clients send the audio/ dictation/ handwritten files in any standard digital format through FTP or any other secure method
  2.  Transcription specialists transcribe the document.
  3.  Quality analysts audit the documents as per your specifications and check them for grammatical errors.
  4.  After the documents pass the check, transcribed files are sent to clients in desired format

Different spectrums of medical transcription we encapsulate:

  1. Emergency room reports
  2. Patient charts
  3. Teleconference notes
  4. Clinical summary
  5. Surgery notes
  6. History and physical notes
  7. Medical records summary
  8. Progress notes
  9. Discharge summary
  10. Pediatric/ Geriatric reports
  11. Rehabilitation reports
  12. Operative reports
  13. Pathology reports

Why Medphine?

  • Guaranteed 100% accuracy in transcripts
  • HIPAA complaint and ensures medical information security
  • Assured shortest turnaround time of 24 hours
  • Specialized and experienced team of transcriptionists
  • Dedicated account manager for each team
  • Transcribed files are conveyed in desired format through secure gateways

Medphine focus on understanding business requirements and leveraging world class transcription services to integrate with the practice.


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