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What makes a medical practice worth revisiting and recommending?

The hospitality.

The way the practice treat the patient coming for the treatment is what makes the facility trustworthy. A patient’s experience doesn’t stop at them leaving the door of the facility after successful surgery. How enriching has been the patient’s experience at the facility has a profound impact on the revenue cycle management of the practice.

Healthcare service providers and medical practices can incorporate these practices to better their services and enhance the patient’s experience:

  • As mentioned before, how you treat your patients is ultimately going to affect how your practice is perceived as. Make it a point that you along with the whole staff are courteous towards every incoming patient to be it on call or in person.
  • An increasing number of people are choosing the diverse modes of payments, through a card, e-wallets, etc. Make sure your practice offers flexible payment methods.
  • Introduce pre-treatment cost estimates to engage patients early on in the billing process. This ensures transparency in further processing, thereby preventing patients from the shock of an unexpected charge. This also strengthens the financial sustainability of the healthcare service provider.
  • Personalization regardless of the industry strikes a chord with your customer, which in this situation are your patient. When meeting in person for diagnosis or treatment, make sure your framework a customized treatment plan. When corresponding through e-mail, display more care by addressing them with their first name and asking the question on their present situation and well-being.
  • If your medical practice has a website, make sure it is easy to find and navigate through. Be tactful in the placement of your contact information, so that the patients can look for it quickly. Vital information about your business such as phone number, address, operating hours, etc should be easily accessible.
    As said before patient experience does not stop when they are out of the facility’s door. Your medical practice should have a responsive grievance department that is readily available to solve all the billing issues as soon as possible.
  • One major mistake that every healthcare makes is only focusing on trying to attract new patient and not focusing on patient retention. Patient retention leads to a better Return on investment than drawing new patient, which is why it is imperative to work on your patient retention strategies.

A proactive approach to resolving billing issues will not only facilitate financial benefits but also enrich the patient’s experience. We understand that medical practices have a lot going on with their prime focus being providing supreme class healthcare service to their patient. Creating a team dedicated to looking after all the billing procedures is not always possible. But adequate and timely finance supply is what is keeping your medical practice in running and in the best shape, which is why we recommend outsourcing and consulting a medical billing and coding procedures services like Medphine that will make sure your revenue cycle is streamlined and adequately managed.

Medphine billing and coding experts will make sure all the minuscule, as well as significant aspect, are looked into and meticulously worked onto; from specialty-specific billing to value-added services. Medphine is one of those American organization that makes use of highly acclaimed eClinicalworks software, assuring accurate and superior revenue cycle management.

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Ensure successful training for EHR Implementation

Ensure successful training for EHR Implementation

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed what steps can a healthcare service provider take to ensure effective implementation of Electronic Health record. One of the pointers mentioned in it was to designate a leader that will provide smooth management of the newly implemented EHR.

In continuation with that we will be discussing today, how can the team be trained to ensure successful implementation of Electronic Health Record in your medical practice.

If you are a medical practice still keeping paper records and documents, it’s time you switch to EHR for enhancing the efficiency of the operations and productivity of your staff.

Why should the staff be well-accustomed with the technology?

EHR, after-all is a software, before working on which, one needs to be accustomed to the functionalities and adequately trained to gain a hang of it. Without adequate training, not only will the implementation go haywire but it will also have long-term adverse effects on productivity and revenue generation. Lack of training is one of the significant reason behind the ineffective utilization of EHR in medical practices.

What training strategies will ensure effective training about EHR use?

Who is going to be using the system; doctors, nurses? Guide them through the specifications of the system along with their application, as they better understand the needs and demand of the medical practice. Let them shortlist the system accordingly and present their ideas on how best can this system be utilized by the staff.

Post-selection, check how computer savvy is your staff. Since post-implementation the team has to work on the computer, it is necessary to identify the one who is not adept and framework an adequate basic computer training program so that they can do more than just taking photocopies and printouts.

Like there are those who have a hard time understanding the intricacies of the computer, there would also be fee staff members who would be proficient in it. Identify those and assign them the complicated [processing of the software.

It will help you in the long run if you start a real-time practice to reduce the risk of EHR implementation failure., which is why it is essential to create an office and software -paramount training.

With the growing capabilities of the employees, the basic training will no longer remain relevant which is why it is necessary that periodic intermittent refresher sessions are held, and as the employees develop and learn more about managing the medical database management system, advanced training is brought into action to enhance their efficiency and practices productivity.

You can ensure heightened efficiency by training particular employees on only those areas that they are going to work on. Training every single employee, every intricate aspect of the software will affect the productivity and functioning of the staff. It would be better if those excelling in computer skills are given more computer job and trained on it specifically.

And last but not the least, encourage feedback sessions post-implementation, so that you know which employees are having trouble and what changes can be brought into the training session to resolve it effectively.

A more wise and cost-effective decision would be to outsource a company for managing your medical billing and coding like Medphine. Medphine has extensive experience in handling EHR of general as well as specialty-specific physicians be it Oncology, Chiropractic. Our Team of billing experts and certified coders make use of the most acclaimed software for handling clinical records, i.e., eClinicalworks, which is being trusted by over 60% of providers in the United States for generating error-free clinical documents and maintain a healthy database. You can trust Medphine’s for streamlined, error-free billing management, per your practice’s needs and demands.

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Ever since its inception in the year, 2008 with bitcoin, block-chain technology has been a creating ripple in industries, impacting everything.

So what is blockchain?

It is a chronological arrangement of write once read only data that can be shared and distributed across authorized users, but if one has to delete or alter any data, they need to seek permission from all the users. From messaging apps to banking to critical infrastructure security to education to crypto-exchanges, almost every industrial sector is disrupted by this revolutionary technology.

One such industry, on its road to being transformed by the blockchain technology, is Healthcare. Per statista report on Healthcare Blockchain adoption in healthcare application, 55 percent of healthcare applications will have adopted block-chain for commercial deployment by 2025. Although the applications are still being explored, block-chain is bound to have a considerably massive impact on how healthcare industry functions. Considered one of the most propitious medical billing and coding, Electronic Healthcare Record trends of this year, block-chain can help the healthcare industry in terms of inter-operatability and financially.

Let us have a look at how if implemented right, block-chain can enhance EHR functionality. But before that lets state some reason as to why EHR needs blockchain?

All healthcare service providers have three common concerns. How to keep the practice’s privacy intact? Medical records, be it paper or electronic data are at risk of hacking or theft. Secondly, how to administer control over patient’s data, specifying who is in control of accessing, modifying and sharing electronic data. How is the sensitive and confidential information being shared? Then there is a looming concern in making information exchange more manageable and efficient. Additionally, another significant challenge for the smooth functioning of EHR is the authorization and consent of patients.

How can blockchain help Electronic Healthcare Record?

Electronic databases are in the form of bits and bytes, whose content is stored in the physical memory of a system, which can be accessed and tampered by anybody. The lack of central administer can be eliminated by blockchain cryptography. Blockchain thereby enables the secure sharing of patient’s medical record and other sensitive information.

Blockchain can help in maintaining longitudinal patient records, meaning, visits, lab results, disease registry, treatment, etc., thereby enhancing the way by which patients are delivered care and treatment.

With implementing blockchain comes transparency in the medical billing and reimbursement methodology. This eliminates the back and forth between multiple parties regarding insurance coverage, which helps in alleviating medical billing related fraud.

Blockchain can facilitate inter-operability of seamless data, giving access to real-time as well as historical data. This help in reducing the cost and burden of data rapprochement.

Considering blockchain works on validation, it eliminates the need for a central authority for claim adjudication. The claims can get verified automatically, as soon as a network is available. Similarly, it can also help in efficient monitoring of the supply-demand cycle.

Although blockchain has its share of controversies, it has the potential to reform and positively impact the health care system, which can not be overlooked.

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How To Choose EHR Vendor For Your Practice

After many considerations, finally, you took the leap of faith and decided to get an Electronic Health Record for your practice. It is a big commitment to your practice and finances. What are the factors that you should look out for before switching to an electronic system for your patient’s health record?

How To Choose EHR Vendor For Your Practice

While EHR gives an immense amount of ease and assistance, it can be challenging to adapt and implement in your clinic. This system is also highly technical and it can be difficult to comprehend by people who are not technically adept. Let us guide you through some of the key factors that you should consider before choosing the one EHR that is apt for your practice. Since there are a considerable number of EHR vendors in the market, these factors are somehow basic but they will become a decisive factor while choosing the appropriate EHR that is suitable for your practice.


There are two categories of EHR available in the market.

Multi-Speciality EHRs: If you have a multi-specialty hospital or your practice deals with multiple medical practices which have overlapping responsibilities, this EHR is suitable for you. It keeps you connected to all the different sections of practice and saves you time and effort.

Speciality-Specific EHRs: If you are a specialist with distinctive requirement then get a specific electronic health record that is designed to meet the needs of your practice and patients.


Electronic health record is an expensive affair that is going to cost you a lot of money. Initially, it might be a challenge for you to keep up with your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). You need to evaluate the cost of implementation and administrative staff against the improvement in revenue, workflow, and productivity.


Switching to EHR is a challenging responsibility for your practice. If your hospital staff is not comfortable with technology then it can be really troublesome for the entire system to switch to the new technology all of a sudden. You should choose an electronic health record whose technical advancement can be handled by your staff. The upgrade of the system and any future maintenance should also be convenient for you and your staff.


Businesses keep expanding and your administrative decision must take that future development into consideration. Opt for a web-based EHR that keeps the cost, implementation, and upgradation of the system in control. These cloud-based EHR systems such as eClinicalWorks are preferred for medical billing as they can be accessed securely through an internet connection. It makes collaboration among the physician, patient, and the hospital staff relatively convenient.


Nowadays EHR has become a necessity because of the solutions it provides to your practice. The right EHR will help you generate more revenue, reduce the number of denials and your staff will be able to work more efficiently. So you should do your research, ask the vendors for demo and talk to other physicians who have the same practice as yours about the EHR that they are using. You can also take help from our experts at Medphine for any assistance in medical billing.

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