Earlier it was a headache accessing and managing a bulk load of healthcare data and patient’s information, but with the inception of EHR, the accessibility, security, storage, and usability of the data has become easy. EHR makes instant,  real-time, patient-centered records easily accessible to authorized users. It comprises of patient medical history, diagnosis, medications, treatment … Read moreEHR ADOPTION: MISTAKES AND TIPS



While we think the medical world is complicated with human anatomy, various diseases, and several treatments, seldom do we, as a patient quantify the gravity of medical billing and coding. While a medical practitioner has a lot on their plate to ensure that every patient is dispensed quality service, to overlook the financial aspect of … Read moreARE YOUR CODING PRACTICES UP TO THE MARK?



The world is going through a scourge of massive physicians burnout which put the lives of millions visiting them for treatment, vulnerable to getting subpar quality of treatment and care. Yes, physician burnout is an actual thing. When a physician is under so much stress that they are unable to get over yesterday’s tiredness and … Read morePHYSICIAN BURNOUT: TOLL ON FINANCIAL HEALTH



Source What makes a healthcare treatment and care delivery system? The patients! Most of the physicians and hospitals have a tough time attracting and retaining patients. The reason for the falling patient engagement could range from patients not feeling valued by the inefficient and untrained front-desk support or patients getting overwhelmed with the healthcare organizations … Read moreEFFECTIVE PATIENT-ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES



Enforcing entire MACRA implementation is necessary to advance value-based care. Excluding providers from MIPS will only lead to lower payment adjustments for the healthcare practices and physicians providing quality based care to the patient, thereby defeating the purpose of value-based care. The aforementioned is a recent statement made by the AMGA  with the intent to … Read moreMACRA MIPS: WHAT LIES AHEAD?

Culinary Medicine: Basics and Scope

Automate healthcare

“The city has lost several of its grocery stores in recent years, leaving residents with few options when it comes to buying food. That’s where the relatively new discipline of culinary medicine comes in. Culinary medicine initiatives help to advance health equity by increasing access to healthy food and building awareness of the importance of … Read moreCulinary Medicine: Basics and Scope

Improve Medical Practice Management


Yes, setting up a medical practice is time and cost-extensive but that is not the end of it. How are you going to survive the health care competition without continuously working towards improving the practice management? It takes diligence and exceptional administration skills to operate a successful and efficient practice. Take note of these strategies … Read moreImprove Medical Practice Management

Rationalise your charge entry practice

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Of all the intricate processes that make up the medical billing and coding in the healthcare industry, be it Insurance verification, medical transcription, claim submission, payment posting, one process which holds utmost prominence, considering heightened intricacies of its own is charge entry practice. Why, you ask? Because charge entry process if overlooked will impact your eligibility … Read moreRationalise your charge entry practice

Medical billing for behavioural healthcare


How is mental health billing different from medical billing? Psychiatrist unlike a general physician or any specific medical specialist serves its patients differently. While other healthcare professionals perform surgeries, a psychiatrist counsels the patients through therapy sessions. Hence, while undoubtedly insurance claim is a hassle for the general health practitioner, but having to prove the … Read moreMedical billing for behavioural healthcare

Improve denial management of your medical practice

Improve denial management of your medical practice

It is a task in itself to maintain the rapport of medical practice by providing quality treatment and care to all the patients. What if amid trying to provide the best possible healthcare service, the provider is slapped with a notice of claim denial from the insurance company? Yes, medical practices are for helping people … Read moreImprove denial management of your medical practice