Healthcare Cyber-risk You Need To Prepare For In 2019


“Because of the wealth of data that healthcare providers hold, breaches and compromises can have far-reaching consequences for consumers, and the valuable research being conducted within some of these institutions continues to be an attractive target for nation-states seeking to leapfrog their domestic industries, the report noted.” It won’t be an understatement to say that … Read moreHealthcare Cyber-risk You Need To Prepare For In 2019



The world is going through a scourge of massive physicians burnout which put the lives of millions visiting them for treatment, vulnerable to getting subpar quality of treatment and care. Yes, physician burnout is an actual thing. When a physician is under so much stress that they are unable to get over yesterday’s tiredness and … Read morePHYSICIAN BURNOUT: TOLL ON FINANCIAL HEALTH



Source What makes a healthcare treatment and care delivery system? The patients! Most of the physicians and hospitals have a tough time attracting and retaining patients. The reason for the falling patient engagement could range from patients not feeling valued by the inefficient and untrained front-desk support or patients getting overwhelmed with the healthcare organizations … Read moreEFFECTIVE PATIENT-ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES

4 Startling Facts about In house Patient Collections


Healthcare systems are convinced that there is nothing they can do about revenue cycle management. For medical practice, every dollar is critical for their overall vitality and success. The crucial question to address here is whether to outsource or perform the process in-house? There are several myths prevalent within medical billing industry. The most prevalent … Read more4 Startling Facts about In house Patient Collections

Why Self service patient portal are Must

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Bad debts are emerging as a crucial issue for healthcare. According to American’s Health Insurance Plans, around 15.5 million individuals are enrolled in high-deductible strategy, with 15% annual growth rate in the past years. Healthcare is investing their resources and time for contacting patients and attempting to fix the outstanding balances. Rather than focusing on … Read moreWhy Self service patient portal are Must