Express Gratitude To Your Doctor Today

Express Gratitude To Your Doctor Today

30th March is observed as the National Doctors’ Day in United States. On this day we should make it a point to reach out to our doctors and thank them for their selfless contributions to the well-being of the society.


The National Doctors’ Day honours the date when Crawford W. Long used an ether as a surgical anaesthetic for the first time . Later in 1990, President George W. Bush formally designated the date as National Doctors’ Day. The day is traditionally celebrated by expressing gratitude to the physicians. Red carnations are also displayed as a symbolic flower for Doctors’ Day.

Express Gratitude To Your Doctor Today

When in the profession, doctors pledge themselves towards serving the community. Though a part of their job, along with the treatment and prescriptions, the selflessness and empathy we receive from them is what keeps us hopeful and going through tough times. Their profession demands a lot of sacrifices and stresses which we stand unaware of.

At Medphine, we constantly strive to give assistance to doctors and physician in order to make their lives easy. We try to take up their administrative responsibility so that they can focus on their duties towards their patients.

As a part of the community, it should be a collective aim to serve the people in need, and doctors have always played a crucial role in fulfilling this mission. We must express gratitude and appreciation towards these individuals who have taken care of us selflessly.

This day is important in the medical world, because it encourages us to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the doctors towards keeping our society healthy. In honour of Doctor’s Day,  we at Medphine urge you to take a moment and express gratitude to your physician. Call them or simply drop a message/mail. They deserve to be accoladed for their dedication, compassion and care.