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Culinary Medicine: Basics and Scope



“The city has lost several of its grocery stores in recent years, leaving residents with few options when it comes to buying food. That’s where the relatively new discipline of culinary medicine comes in. Culinary medicine initiatives help to advance health equity by increasing access to healthy food and building awareness of the importance of nutrition.” reads an article in rapid growth media examining the health disparities in United States’s Michigan.

2018 was brimming with news of colleges and universities across the nation including a new curriculum in the field of medicine, i.e. culinary medicine to help people prepare food like a chef while thinking of the food’s nutritional value like a dietician.  

So, what exactly is culinary medicine?

It would be a mistake if you would think of going by its literal meaning as culinary medicine being a culinary art or food science. It is not merely about cooking and taking into consideration the micronutrients or macronutrients. It would also be ignorance to think of it as a branch that rejects the medical prescription.

Culinary medicine takes from both food and science and blends the art and certitude of food and science respectively to help enhance personal health and well being. When nutrition clubs with the scientific facts, such field in medicine is referred to as culinary medicine.

They say, we are what we eat, but have you ever given it enough thought that what you are eating is affecting your present health condition? This is  what culinary medicine is concerned with. It takes into consideration the actuality that the food is condition-specific and people should include different nutrition per their health condition. Culinary medicine aims to transform people’s eating behavior and help them understand that food being condition specific should be shopped for, stored and prepared in a particular manner.

What paved the way for this new clinical discipline?
  • Millennials and Gen Z are a highly aware generation who have the cognizance of this age produce severely lacking nutritional value, chemical involvement in artificially added flavors and nutrients. They only want the best for their body and are hence more inclined more towards the farms produce, local agriculture, organic food.
  • The escalating healthcare cost because of an increasing strain of diet-related health risk and diseases.
  • Increasing concern about weight management and unsuccessful attempts in managing chronic illnesses altogether.
How will it help the medical field?

To think that culinary medicine is just another clinical discipline would be a mistake since it goes way beyond physicians advising foods to patients. Culinary medicine is uncovering the lacking nutritional training given to the medical professionals in the medical schools. Physician despite being highly knowledgeable and experienced, might lack the precision to recommend diet as per the patient health condition. Culinary medicine, although fairly a new concept will help bridge this gap of knowledge and nutrition so that the physicians can dispense more precise treatment to the patient suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other health complications.

How will it help the patients?

This integrated healthcare field of medicine will help the patients eat right and keep their health complication under control. As mentioned before, food is person and condition-specific; hence culinary medicine will help people, healthy or suffering from an illness prepare meal to enhance their overall health and well being.

The medical community is divided on the benefits a new clinical discipline has to offer, with some arguing clinicians already advise patients to stick to a particular diet while specialty specific medical practitioners like a dietician, chiropractors are also trained to do so. Culinary medicine is here to change the way we think about our food habits and its future is filled with possibilities in improving the population’s health. What is needed to understand better this discipline is through research and results backed by evidence.

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Rationalise your charge entry practice

Rationalise your charge entry practice

Of all the intricate processes that make up the medical billing and coding in the healthcare industry, be it Insurance verification, medical transcription, claim submission, payment posting, one process which holds utmost prominence, considering heightened intricacies of its own is charge entry practice.

Why, you ask?

Because charge entry process if overlooked will impact your eligibility for claiming the reimbursement of providing the service or impact the figure that you shall receive by the insurance company. The amount you will receive will depend on the accuracy of your charge entry.

What should all be covered under an accurate charged entry?

Diagnosis code
Service Location
The physician taking care of the case
Date of the service being provided
Date and time of admission
Billing providers

One of the most common billing error which is also one of the most expensive ones is that of entering wrong information, which deprives healthcare service providers of their insurance money. Putting down incorrect information from the list mentioned above leads to immediate claim denial by the insurance companies. Furthermore, if the medical practice mentions inaccurate quantity like miscalculation in the number of days medical services were provided to the patient or in-facility prescriptions like Intravenous units etc., then they might not get the right compensation.

Some actions you can incorporate to optimize charge entry in your medical practice:

  • Encourage the habit of posting the charges the same day the service was rendered to the patients. With the passing days in delaying the posting of your charge, your reimbursement will be delayed.
  • If the code editor rejected the diagnosis code, implement practice and billing management system to quickly identify the error, giving the team the opportunity to fix the mistake.

How can a medical billing and coding service provide adequate entry service and help streamline the revenue cycle management?

Charge entry practice is the most crucial aspect of medical billing and coding as this establishes the amount that the insurance company shall pay a healthcare service provider. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that instead of burdening your pre-occupied in-house team with this intricate work, outsource a medical billing and coding solutions provider who specializes in charge entry practice like Medphine.

  • By outsourcing charge entry from Medphine, you can rest assured that there will a significant decrease in claim denials resulting from the improper filing of information. Our billing experts will make sure that every data is cross-checked twice to ensure 99% clerical accuracies.
  • Our team of specialists are adept with a wide range of billing software and have worked with several medical specialties. They stay abreast with the latest technological advancement in the standards and protocols of medical billing to ensure qualitative revenue cycle management.
  • Medicine billing expert will make sure that all the services are dispensed with 24-48 hours of turnaround time, so as not to delay the reimbursement process from insurance companies.
  • Our streamlined approach to billing processing will ensure smooth and quick claim management for your medical practice.

Accurate charge entry practice is necessary to minimize the number of claim denials, saving time otherwise spent on identifying and rectifying claiming errors and ensuring a healthy cash flow. All this can only be guaranteed by a team holding unparalleled expertise in medical billing and coding like Medphine.

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Medphine Attended the Largest Cancer Conference in the World (ASCO)

The American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting was held in Chicago from 3rd to 7th June. This Annual meeting brought over 50,000 oncology professionals from all over the globe to discuss on the latest research of different cancer types.


Medphine Attended the Largest Cancer Conference in the World (ASCO)


Medphine is proud to become a part of the most exciting event for Clinical Oncology practice and cancer care in Chicago. This annual meeting provide unique opportunities to cancer care communities and oncology practices to learn about the various areas that are under research and advancement such as medical, surgical, symptom management, radiation and geriatric oncology and pathology.

This year’s meeting agenda was “Making a Difference in Cancer Care with You”. The theme focused on the quintessential need to create an engaged, well informed system of health care professionals to provide high value and high quality cancer care. ASCO meeting witnessed discussion panels, latest trends, showcase of innovative research and high calibre speakers from all over the world. In short, the main focus was on highlighting the various new oncology therapies under research and discussing the various ongoing controversy of the oncology field. One of the biggest buzzword floating around this year was state-of-the-art treatment modalities.

Medphine was honored to exhibit their booth, where we presented How quality services can help Oncology Practices cherish the fruit of a flourishing revenue cycle. Experiencing booth from behind was a unique experience for us as we were exhibiting in ASCO for the first time. We made the attendees understand the need to remain updated with new Regulations and Guidelines as the field of Oncology Billing and Coding is ever-evolving.  At ASCO, we even seized the opportunity to educate medical practitioners on how they can strive for effectiveness and efficiency in their medical coding and billing process.


Medphine Attended the Largest Cancer Conference in the World (ASCO)


Reetu Singh (Founder and Director of Medphine) Oncology Billing and Coding Specialist  – educated the attendees on How to maintain an effective billing cycle while taking care of their patients, How to maintain steady reimbursements and How to incorporate new developed drugs in their care without worry about the reimbursement. It  effective claim processing, accounts receivable management, quality control assessments and many others. It was a treat to the eyes to see How Oncologists were actually very keen on understanding How our services can help them achieve a steady fast cash flow.

There were schedules for group meetings with clinicians, researchers and others in different areas of medicine. The ASCO’s Patient Advocate Lounge was a dedicated space for making these meaningful connections.

Surender Singh, Founder of Medphine shared his views about the conference and said “This has been possible by the Grace of god that Medphine has reached this platform, and are one among the only two Billing and Coding service providers exhibiting at ASCO this year. It highlights the fact that Oncology field is in need of service providers like us, who can back up Oncologists by providing them a steady revenue cycle, while they go out there and save lives. We are with them in their march to Quality Cancer Care.”

We learned and shared information with other attendees to apply it to our practices, mission and research. Our team met patients and partners to discuss advancement on the oncology programs and how we can meet the unique requirements of medical coding and billing for the caregivers.

During the meeting, we witnessed groundbreaking research on various types of cancers and better patient care before it was available elsewhere. All these research undergoes review system to ensure best information is available to the attendees. As medical coding and billing company, Medphine never misses a single chance to learn more about the new advancements to offer patients with flourishing revenue cycle.

Gaurav Sabharwal, Director of Medphine said, “Being a uniquely positioned medical coding and billing company, ASCO meeting provided us with many new insights which are helping us to prepare for the upcoming changes and simultaneously becoming more constructive in the long run. Given the privileges it serves us, we will continue to become a part of ASCO conferences to accelerate effectiveness of our Oncology Services.”

We believe that information learned during presentation will help our services be more effective. Medphine looks forward to continue the effective work of medical coding and billing to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare industry.


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A Celebration of Excellence and Innovation


Medphine had an exciting time in the month of February, as we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. This day marks a crucial milestone for Medphine. We have covered a long way of excellence with dedicated professional, from our modest beginning.

Since our inception, we have focused on promoting best practice and highest standard in healthcare industry shaped by dedicated team members. We strives towards focusing on the outcomes rather than the targets.


Healthcare industry is highly specialized industry that demands skilled and specialist communicators. Medphine was born to serve the unique requirements of evolving healthcare industry. With advanced technology and trained skills, we continued to offer our clients with proper reimbursement and quality results along with combating fresh challenges.


The entire office was decorated in the theme of blue and white color. The event kicked off by our co-owner, Reetu Singh congratulating everyone on the achievement of completing three successful years. She began with recalling key milestones and past achievements. We understand the importance of milestones to reflect and reaffirm our commitment for future objectives. Medphine believes these milestones and visions are worth celebrating and sharing.


She then displayed informative presentation sharing the future strategy for upcoming years and ways to tackle future challenges. She shared an in depth knowledge of US medical industry, covering crucial aspect coming with the new policies introduced by US president. Donald Trump. Finally, she parted with some encouraging words for all the team members.


After this session, everyone was asked to share their input and feedback to ensure that the upcoming years are equally successful. Everyone found this as a best opportunity to gather together and discuss all the big issues impacting the healthcare industry.


This was followed by a video presentation where all the value, mission, vision, delivered projects and special stories and moments of the company were highlighted. Reetu Singh seized the opportunity to thank all the team members to work with dedication to reach this milestone. All the team members then gathered around for the cake cutting ceremony.


The management of Medphine organized two days trip to Corbett National Park situated in Uttrakhand, India. This trip was planned as a surprise to celebrate Medphine’s anniversary. The surprise trip came as welcome break for all the Medphine’s team members.


All the team members played charades, did karaoke and sung together all through the overnight bus journey. The very first day of the trip was dedicated to exploring wilderness and sightseeing with guides.


The second day began with Jeep riding into the interior of the Corbett Jungle. Everyone was excited to spot the wild Tiger. We were not fortunate enough to spot tigers but we spotted many wild birds and animals. In the night, everyone gathered in the common hall to enjoy a pulsating party.


The best part of the trip was taking break from daily work and rejuvenating completely in the nature’s lap. Medphine understands the importance of maintaining a balance between work and fun.


Our HR department also organized birthday party this month. Celebrating birthdays are the best way to deviate from the monotony of work and have fun. Such events are great opportunity to show company’s gratitude towards their dedicated team members and establish personal connections. Cake cutting and other pleasantries marked the end of this celebratory and joyous event.


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Medphine Celebrated Republic Day in Style

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated with a great grandeur and solemnity at Medphine. On 26th January, 1950 India became Sovereign Democratic Republic and adopted their own constitution. All the team members were full of fervent zeal and patriotism.


republic day


The entire office was decorated as per the republic day theme. A traditional wear competition was organized by the HR department where employees have to dress in the tri color traditional clothes. Every team member had a miniature flag which was pinned on their attires. With the tricolor flag pinned, everyone was blazed with happiness and pride.


The function began with Medphine’s director addressing the entire team members. She shared her thought on being a part of a country that is known for diverse culture, growth and sacrifices. Reetu Singh stressed on the point of having a clean and healthy living. Medphine being a part of healthcare industry understands the importance of healthy and fit life. This discussion was further taken up by all the team members and they shared their thoughts on being proud of a diverse heritage in the 21st century. All the young team members discussed all the current issues of the country with great passion and energy. There was a feeling of patriotism everywhere.


After this brief session of discussion, we had antakshari competition where all the members sang patriotic songs. There was a feeling of patriotism among the employees. All the teams were divided into two groups to add on to the excitement. All the members showed great enthusiasm and enormous energy. Towards the end, Team ‘B’ was announced the winner of antakshari competition.


Cherry on the top of this fun and frolic was added by HR department by sponsoring movie on national integration. This helps in building high morale of the employees and a healthy work culture. Medphine understands the importance of breaking the monotony and relieving pressure. All the members were dispersed with refreshment and pictures of fluttering tricolors in their head.


This month, HR department of Medphine hosted grand party to celebrate collaborate birthdays which included the birthday celebration of Mrs.Reetu Singh, CEO of Medphine. It was a gala celebration where various fun activities were organized for employees to offer relaxation from the busy routine. The leisure activities such as dancing, painting and singing competition helps in building strong bond among the employees and simultaneously with the organization. This activity session was followed by cake cutting ceremony. The CEO of the company addressed the team members to show her gratitude and shared the VMV of the company to keep everyone aligned with company’s vision. Everyone was served with refreshment towards the end of the celebration.


Medphine believes in creating a balance between work and culture of the organization. These celebration helps us in achieving excellence in our work with a strong integration and trust bond among the team members.


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A Month Full of Fun and Learning

Medphine celebrates this festive season together with some learning sessions. It was a month full of celebrations and training. A quiz session based on medical billing, collaborated birthdays and Christmas celebration were conducted in this month.

christmas-celebration-1 This quiz session was hosted by Reetu Singh, Co-founder of Medphine on 12th of December.

The questionnaire included questions regarding new updates in the field of medical coding and eClinicalWorks. The team members were divided into four groups to make the game engaging and more interesting. There was a spirit of competitiveness among all the members as they participated enthusiastically in the quiz game. Later, Reetu Singh expressed her thoughts on the game and discussed about the journey with Medphine.

Reeu also shared her experience of eCW NAtional Conference which was conducted in Orlando, Florida. All the staff members were updated about the latest information of the software that can help them extract complete benefits. Later, she also announced the winner of quiz session conducted will be declared on 23rd of the December.

Medphine believes that spirit of Christmas is one of the most precious gift for the entire team. The decoration for this festive started in Medphine almost a week before. This festival celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas celebration at workplace embodies community spirit and an opportunity for employees to display their creativity.


What enhanced the spirit of this festival was a fun event organized by the management named ”secret santa”. All the team members bought gift for the ticketed person that they have pulled out from the pot. All these gifts were kept near the decorated Christmas tree with the name of the person.

There was even a short presentation regarding the history of christmas celebration and the significance of gingerbread, cake, candy cane and eggnog. The Christmas celebration ended with cutting cake and distributing goodies amongst all the team members. This entire programme ended with singing Christmas carols in groups and exchanging gifts with each other.

Medphine never miss a chance to reward the team members for their commitment and hard work. These fun filled parties are a way of providing relaxation from the monotonous routine of job.

Festivals and birthday celebrations are one of the best ways to earn the loyalty, create a stronger bond and making employees more dedicated towards their work. This helps in maintaining the productivity and set social wheel of workplace rolling.

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Medphine Observes A Gracious Thanksgiving

The coming of winter marks a beginning of the festive season and the employees at Medphine makes sure that all these festivals are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving day every year and a list of activities conducted at Medphine made this celebration fun and entertaining.

The day started with a Town Hall where every member of Medphine gathered together to discuss the important matters. A progress report of the company was shared and the well performing employees were awarded in the session. Town Hall marks a special day in the company as this is the time when each person gets connected with Medphine. Here, they also share a chance to put forward their ideas or suggestions.

To add to the special occasion, the employees at Medphine enjoyed US culture sessions by being a part of Thanksgiving celebrations. The day is celebrated in United States to thank Lord as well as each other. All the family members enjoy this day with gathers, feasts, good food and by playing some exciting card and board games.


The Americans love this day even more for Turkey which is cooked as a main dish. Family members and extended families come together to enjoy the grand day. The day is made even more interesting by breaking the Turkey’s wishbone. The bone present on the chest of the bird is stretched from both the ends and it is believed that the one who gets larger share of the bone gets his/her wishes fulfilled.

Medphine became a part of these festivities by getting involved with different activities. Along with the good food and music, the employees enjoyed playing interesting and exciting games. One of the fame was named ‘Medical Terminology Quiz’.

This fun game was played by all the members of Medphine by dividing them into two teams. Each team had to give a ‘Medical Term’ to the members of other team who had to then explain that term. The enthusiasm of each member in the game made it a fun activity for the employees. Other activities included games like tug of war, cooking competition and card games.

24th of November was celebrated with splendor and enthusiasm. At the end of the day, each member of Medphine expressed his/her gratitude towards one another for the support they have received. This day helps us realise that it is the work of team that promises big results. Members of Medphine work together as a family and that has helped this company to work for better each day.

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Medphine Conducts Medical Billing Workshop at Houston

Medphine founders visit US annually for client meetings and expanding business opportunities. This time round, both our founders conducted a medical billing workshop to address different queries of medical practitioners. They gave a thorough presentation covering different challenge areas such as problems hampering billing practices, self auditing, evaluating RCM company and ways to handle claim denials.


This educational and informational event was conducted in Houston, TX; where many practice managers, billing supervisors, chief financial officers and doctors, became a part of the workshop.

The presentation round was followed by interactive session where all the coding and billing queries were addressed. This interactive session offered our owners with the best forum for listening and addressing the main concerns of the clients. There were instances of real case study where recommended solutions have impacted many medical practitioners immensely, as it increased the margins with zero turn arounds.

Next day, our company heads visited to the eCW National conference conducted in Orlando Florida from 21st to 24th of October. This was the ninth annual conference organized by eClinicalWorks for introducing updates, new products, in depth insight and the ways it will transform the medical billing system. This workshop helped medical practitioners to not only add on to the information but to increase their networks. This National Conference includes panel discussions, product demonstrations and breakout sessions.


Our expertise in eCW has served numerous of medical facilities for several years and we make sure to remain updated with the current information of the software to reap complete benefits. This workshop was beneficial to understand the solutions for the regular challenges that practice managers face in their day to day operations.

Conducting workshops and attending conferences is one of the most effective way to further improve the quality standards and show that how much we care about our clientele getting reimbursement in a proper way. Medphine as a medical billing and coding company strives to enhance their performance in order to offer qualitative results to their clients. We are more than just your business partners.

These National Conferences are conducted by eClinicalWorks every year in the month of october,  where they help all the user of eClinicalWorks to remain updated to derive best possible results. Attending regular workshop and conferences acts as an important tool to ensure proper governance, identifying the risk areas, ways to deal with them, compliance regulations and understanding the medical industry. Our company heads have decided to save these dates to visit the conference next year too in order to remain intact with the changing healthcare industry to deliver our clientele with best results.


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Anniversary and New Beginnings

Medphine knows the art of employee recognition to increase employees morale and make their engagement stronger. This makes employees feel respected, loved and valued. At Medphine, we understand the value of our employees and strives towards creating the best working culture as employees are the essence of any successful company.
This month Medphine found the perfect occasion to reflect towards the contribution made by its loyal and skilled employees as two of our team members completed their one year of tenure and another member bid adieu to us after rendering years of service to Medphine. Both the occasions were celebrated in Medphine for thanking and recognizing their contributions.


All our fellow employee were excited about celebrating anniversary. There was a collaborative online wall where all the co workers posted their thanksgiving messages. Medphine celebrates these functions to show gratitude towards the commitment and loyalty they have showed for their company. This helps in boosting morale and creating positive consequences all the workers.

The celebration of one year of tenure kick off with sincere words of gratitude from the Directors. Both our co-workers were given token of gratitude and gifts for completing year of service.

After this we began with celebrating Farewell party which in a way means beginning of a new chapter in our team mate’s life. The celebration began with a brief presentation highlighting all the achievement of our co-worker. An official thanksgiving speech was prepared by our CEO and manager. All the members signed the retirement card and their best wishes for all his future endeavours.

The tenure celebration and farewell ended with cake cutting which included their name and years of service. After the cake cutting ceremony, all the coworkers were offered with refreshment. All the employees heavy heartedly bid farewell to our companion. There was also a feeling of joy as two of our employees have completed their one year tenure.

At Medphine makes sure that we show our team members that they are important to the success of our company by celebrating their anniversaries, accomplishment and farewell.

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