Anniversary and New Beginnings

Anniversary and New Beginnings

Medphine knows the art of employee recognition to increase employees morale and make their engagement stronger. This makes employees feel respected, loved and valued. At Medphine, we understand the value of our employees and strives towards creating the best working culture as employees are the essence of any successful company.
This month Medphine found the perfect occasion to reflect towards the contribution made by its loyal and skilled employees as two of our team members completed their one year of tenure and another member bid adieu to us after rendering years of service to Medphine. Both the occasions were celebrated in Medphine for thanking and recognizing their contributions.

All our fellow employee were excited about celebrating anniversary. There was a collaborative online wall where all the co workers posted their thanksgiving messages. Medphine celebrates these functions to show gratitude towards the commitment and loyalty they have showed for their company. This helps in boosting morale and creating positive consequences all the workers.

The celebration of one year of tenure kick off with sincere words of gratitude from the Directors. Both our co-workers were given token of gratitude and gifts for completing year of service.

After this we began with celebrating Farewell party which in a way means beginning of a new chapter in our team mate’s life. The celebration began with a brief presentation highlighting all the achievement of our co-worker. An official thanksgiving speech was prepared by our CEO and manager. All the members signed the retirement card and their best wishes for all his future endeavours.

The tenure celebration and farewell ended with cake cutting which included their name and years of service. After the cake cutting ceremony, all the coworkers were offered with refreshment. All the employees heavy heartedly bid farewell to our companion. There was also a feeling of joy as two of our employees have completed their one year tenure.

At Medphine makes sure that we show our team members that they are important to the success of our company by celebrating their anniversaries, accomplishment and farewell.