A minor error in medical transcription can cost a healthcare practice a fortune or even a possible lawsuit in case the documentation is severely flawed which is why outsourcing a medical transcription service from a credible billing and coding company like Medphine is a preferred choice by all healthcare providers. Not only this ensures accuracy … Read moreFATAL MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONS FALLACIES



  A: I will never recommend that medical practice, even to my nemesis? B: Why so? A: They have a pathetic front-desk staff? No etiquettes, disorganized and sheer wastage of time, visiting that hospital. And there goes all your hard-work straight in the drain. You know how they say, “first impression matters”? This is apt … Read moreENHANCE YOUR PRACTICE’S FRONT-DESK EFFICIENCY

How Patient No-Show Affects RCM?


150 billion! Yes, that is how much healthcare systems of the United State lose because of patient no-shows, in a year. Setting up, operating and maintaining healthcare organization is expensive. What adds to the staggering expense and has an adverse impact on the revenue generated is the frustrating habit of the patient not showing without … Read moreHow Patient No-Show Affects RCM?

Rationalise your charge entry practice

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Of all the intricate processes that make up the medical billing and coding in the healthcare industry, be it Insurance verification, medical transcription, claim submission, payment posting, one process which holds utmost prominence, considering heightened intricacies of its own is charge entry practice. Why, you ask? Because charge entry process if overlooked will impact your eligibility … Read moreRationalise your charge entry practice


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People at the front desk make an impact on every person that calls you. This fact becomes even more critical when you are in the healthcare industry. A friendly and cordial service will improve patient experience and patient satisfaction. Not only that, but it also affects the HCAHPS score as well. Politeness, providing on-call facilities … Read moreIMPROVE PATIENT SATISFACTION THROUGH EFFICIENT CALL HANDLING

Keys To Successful Implementation Of Any Healthcare Technology


Healthcare industry is undergoing massive change due to political and regulatory modifications. It is becoming increasingly difficult to operate a healthcare business because of its complexity and the profit margins are becoming narrower each day. The modern healthcare flourishes on enhanced technology of health and management which helps these organizations in improving its efficiency. But … Read moreKeys To Successful Implementation Of Any Healthcare Technology

3 Indications you need to transform your hospital Revenue Cycle


Healthcare has witnessed biggest shifts in their general practices recently. These changes are coming fast and hard due to which most nimble organizations are not able to steer them without much disturbance. Many healthcare organizations are finding themselves struggling in managing their revenue cycle management. Undoubtedly, patient health is the pinnacle of your vision but … Read more3 Indications you need to transform your hospital Revenue Cycle

How Lack of AR Management Can Harm Your Revenue


Accounts receivable is the money you own by rendering services to your patients. This Makes the most important part of your revenue cycle management. Your cash flow is directly proportional to the way you manage your accounts. Lack of AR management has a critical immense effect on the financial performance of healthcare practice.The internal revenue … Read moreHow Lack of AR Management Can Harm Your Revenue