3 Steps For Medical ASC (ambulatory surgical center) In Order To Avoid RAC Audit

3 Steps For Medical ASC (ambulatory surgical center) In Order To Avoid RAC Audit


Most of the times Ambulatory Surgical Centres are not well prepared for RAC audit. It is the best interest of ASC to have a process that prepares you for possible audits. In order to avoid RAC audit successfully your ASC have to be documented accurately and in a detailed manner. You should follow these three steps to achieve accurate medical coding and documentation.


Employing Professionals for Medical Coding

The likelihood of RAC audit is determined by the work of done by medical coders. Either you can hire your own medical coders or use it from an outside source. No matter which option you opt for, make sure that the coders are well trained. There are 4 problems which commonly occurs when ASC is audited.

  • Staff defectively trained
  • Lack of time to go thoroughly through the medical coding
  • Misinterpret rules by medical coders
  • Frequent rotation of new staff for ASC.

Lack of time and effectively trained staff can be resolved through hiring an outside source for coding purpose. Make sure that you hire a company that has certified coders for that.

 Reviewing EMR Vendor

The medical record system used by your ASC may affect the coding and billing process. Some EMR system automatically generated history of the patient which may result in up coding.  This usually happens when employees opt the shortcut way of copy and paste method. The previous examination of the patient get added into the current findings. The second major reason is filling up of common templates are filled in the suggestion. Always make sure to review your EMR program to avoid any up coding based on documentation.

 Conducting Internal Audits

The most effective way is to practice internal audits is to do it on annual basis. It should be done thoroughly and there are chances that it requires a contractor for reviewing your process of medical coding and billing. Indeed, there is extra expense involved in this but it can save your ASC from RAC audit.

Your financial stability of ASC gets impacted by RAC audit. You need to prepare proactively for the audits to avoid them. Save yourself from any kind of audits like RAC audit by hiring medical coding and billing company.