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medical billing service company-Medphine

Medphine Team to undergo a dynamic Training Regime

At Medphine, we believe in some core ethical principles, and stand by them to ensure that our clients are offered unparalleled services week in, week out. The company is based on strong aesthetic values and employs people from diversified cultures. In the month of March, we celebrated the colorful festival of Holi. The offices were decorated with vibrant color themes and the employees were treated to traditional Holi sweets and other festivities.

Medphine greatly emphasizes on providing regular training to its employees as the billing industry standards change very frequently. This month, we held a workshop for our staff focusing on the major developments in the medical coding field and its effects on our services. We also put together some interactive team sessions to improve coordination among different departments within the company. The event was completed smoothly and we hope to see great results in the coming future.

March also featured International Women’s Day on March 8. Here at Medphine, we are firm on our beliefs in social and professional equality for women. We proudly boast at the fact that women account for a substantial percentage of our workforce. Our policy on employee performance is totally based upon hard work and professionalism.

Our HR department takes every measure to create a social and friendly work atmosphere to ensure maximum productivity. This month, we initiated a biweekly event, code named Fun Fridays, where the employees participate in friendly discussions and other social activities such as games, etc to take off any kind of workload pressure which helps to freshen up their mood.


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