Celebrating Teamwork at Medphine

Celebrating Teamwork at Medphine

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Medphine has been providing Revenue Cycle Management services to the Healthcare industry industry for over a decade now. The healthcare industry has been evolving at a steady pace, with some big changes being introduced in the last year.

As the healthcare industry evolves, so does a medical billing and coding company, in terms of updating coding guidelines and practice methods. So how do we stay at par with the competition and manage to deliver successful results time and again?

Simple. By rewarding and celebrating the commitment of our Team members. The Medphine teams are specialists at their jobs and their dedicated efforts along with exceptional leadership from the business heads, is what culminates into success for the company.

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This month, there was a grand party hosted by the HR Team of Medphine to collaborate some of the employee’s birthdays together and also as a fun filled party for the employees to provide a bit of relaxation from the daily routine.

 The teams had a blast and actively participated in the various activities which included cake cutting ceremony, dance and singing competitions, team building games and a lot more.

 These leisure activities helps indulge the teams to build a strong bond with the organization and also help them in working to their full potential. It not only helps build a strong trust and integration within the team, but also helps align everyone with the vision and goals of the company.

All of this eventually reflects in their work and we achieve success. Therefore, we always believe in creating a harmonious work environment which balances both, work and play. This helps not only in business growth but also in a healthy work environment.