Medical Billing & Coding for Doctors in the US

Medical Billing & Coding for Doctors in the US

Medical Billing for Doctors in the US

Medical billing is an important part of the healthcare industry as it generates revenue and any mishandling in billing procedure might lead to huge losses in terms of revenue. Medical practitioners or doctors are trained to diagnose medical issues and perform complex procedures to save lives. They handle many critical situations day in and day out which at times leave them exhausted but the most challenging job for any doctor is the task they are not trained for in any medical school “Medical Billing”. Jobs like handling billing and submissions and keeping themselves updated about ever-changing rules of coding and billing at times distract practitioners from their regular job or land them in stressful situations. However to avoid any such situation and handle billing procedures effectively many of the doctors in the US are now choosing outsourced Medical coding and billing services.

These service providers hire trained professionals to handle billing and claim submissions and ensure error-free and timely payments. They are experienced in handling medical billing for all specialties and are beneficial for individual physician offices, doctors, and hospitals. The wide spectrum of services offered by these service providers includes the following:

  • Patient scheduling and reminders: They assist in scheduling patient appointments and take care of reminding patients about their fixed appointments.
  • Checking patient information and insurance enrolment: Medical billers check for personal details of patients and their insurance plan details and enter them in billing software which eliminates the chances of error in later stages.
  • Insurance verification and authorizations: They are also responsible for checking the insurance eligibility of patients and arranging pre-authorizations for various procedures.
  • Medical coding and audits: Medical billers or billing agencies take care of coding and carry out timely audits to minimize the chances of error in later stages of billing.
  • Billing and claim submissions: This is the primary job of medical billers. They prepare bills using the latest billing software and submit them in the required timeframe to avoid denials.
  • Follow up and denial management: In case of non-payment or delayed payments billing agencies send reminders and follow up with insurance payers to look for the reason for delay. They are also trained to handle claim rejections and resubmit them after making required changes.

Benefits of Hiring Medical Billers for Doctors in the US:

  • Provides expert billing solutions: Medical billers professionally handle billing and claims settlements. They use the latest software and technology to avoid any chances of errors.
  • Assure on-time payment: Billing firms keep their systems up-to-date with all new rules and regulations of health care billing. They complete the billing and submission process in the assigned time frame and guarantee on-time payment receiving.
  • Helps practitioners to focus more on the patient: Medical billers handle the secondary task of billing and submissions for doctors and help them to focus more on their primary job of patient care.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality: Billing firms use billing software and keep patient data in their systems which help in maintaining the confidentiality of patient’s personal information.

Hiring professional Medical billing services helps a practitioner in many ways and makes the task simpler for him. There are many professional Billing and coding firms in the US that help doctors and practices in handling billing issues. Medphine is a certified and experienced medical billing service provider offering various services to its partners.