Why outsource medical credentialing specialist?


People don’t purchase basic products without all the essential documentation like warranty, quality check, etc. How do you expect patients to seek health care services from you if the medical practitioner you hire cannot justify their qualification and experience? Which is why medical credentialing is essential for every healthcare service provider. CREDENTIALING: Credentialing is the … Read moreWhy outsource medical credentialing specialist?

4 Best Medical Practice that you can’t Afford to Miss

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Medical billing is the most invisible engines of healthcare reimbursement. It won’t be easy to efficiently transmit critical data in the absence of medical billing. One of the biggest hurdle faced by medical practitioners is to get paid for their services. In order to be profitable, it is critical to have an efficient billing and … Read more4 Best Medical Practice that you can’t Afford to Miss

How Risk Analyzing for HIPAA Compliance can be Helpful


Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act of 1996 is a significant health care law, which Medicare providers need to follow. This federal law is designed to allow the portability of protected health data for billing purpose. This ensures proper billing across the country. HIPAA created certain measures and procedures that all the physicians and covered … Read moreHow Risk Analyzing for HIPAA Compliance can be Helpful

Top 6 reasons behind claim Denials


Are you experiencing numerous claim denials? Medical healthcare can increase the chances of higher reimbursement by knowing the reason behind denied claim and taking necessary steps to prevent these errors. Let’ see the top 6 reasons behind claim denials: Duplicate Claims Medical practices and hospitals plays huge part in generating duplicate claims that results in … Read moreTop 6 reasons behind claim Denials

Conclusion on ‘Why Outsource Medical Coding and Billing?’


Do you know what poor Revenue Cycle Management in health care business means? Harsh effect on the patient doctor relationship which leads to major downfall of business. Reputation of the company might go on stake. Unnecessary headaches and overheads. Outsource Medical Transcription is one solution. Liberate yourself from the burdens of billing, follow ups, claim … Read moreConclusion on ‘Why Outsource Medical Coding and Billing?’